Apple watch series 6 vs 5 vs 4: Speaker Volume Test video(review)

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 Hello guys!!! Recently I was going through YouTube to find anything interesting in the world of technology. And somehow I ended up in the following video which I found out to be very fascinating. Basically we can see the speaker volume comparison of the new Apple watch series 6 along with its predecessors. Well I thought this was the interesting video, therefore I would like to share this with you guys.

The speaker volume test is done by the use of a decibel meter and a pink noise track the speaker volume of the Apple Watch Series 4 at 100.7 dBA. The Apple Watch Series 5 measured slightly higher at 101.4 dBA. Unexpectedly, the Apple Watch Series 6 measured the quietest at 99.9 dBA. The variation is detectable by our ears and done the tests numerous times to confirm.

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