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In today’s 21st century, the world of information technology is growing like a wildfire. The need and demand for all the technology related information is huge. Therefore, our team has created this platform so that we can serve the growing need for all the necessary facts and information to all the general people regarding the world of Information & Technology.

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There will be no cryptocurrency ban in India, according to a Cabinet note

According to reports, India is no longer aiming to outlaw cryptocurrency, as indicated by a cabinet letter disseminated by the administration. The …

The UK's digital services tax is targeting cryptocurrency exchanges

Crypto exchanges in the United Kingdom will face a 2% UK’s digital services tax, which would most likely be passed on to …

Rumors circulating crypto ban in India caused panic selling on major crypto exchange

Crypto ban in India: Following the rumors of unveiling of a bill that would ban all private crypto in India, the majority …

Bitcoin City in El Salvador

El Salvador, the only nation where bitcoin is a legal currency, plans to develop an entire city “Bitcoin City” based on the largest …

Pi Network: Name update appeal feature

Today, Pi Network announced their name update appeal feature in their app. Basically, it is an opportunity provided by the Pi Network …

Pi Network: Tech & Product Update, October 2021

Today, Pi Network just published their tech & product update for the month of October 2021. The published article addresses the curiosity …

Commonwealth Bank of Australia is providing crypto services

The largest bank of Australia, Commonwealth Bank of Australia is providing the services to buy, sell and hold crypto assets through its …

An EV charging cryptocurrency payment app is currently under development

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies, a Canadian battery technology company, is working on an EV charging cryptocurrency payment app for smartphones. The EV …

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