Pi Network crossed over 25 million users and celebrated it by releasing Pi Network’s special Poster

On 25th of September, Pi Network released an announcement with a Pi Network’s special Poster where they are celebrating the Pi community’s dedication to their shared Network with over 25 million users.

Key highlights of the Pi Network’s special poster

Pi Network celebrates 25 million engaged Pioneers

Pi Network crossed over 25 million users and celebrated it by releasing Pi Network's special Poster
Image source: Screenshot (minepi.com/blog)

Pi Network mission: Building the most accessible cryptocurrency and apps platform for all sorts of people.

Pi Network vision: Pi Network is trying to build one of the world’s most inclusive peer-to-peer networks for all sorts of people with the ambition of becoming the most widely used crypto “Pi”.

Pi community: over 25 million engaged Pioneers from 250 countries around the world. 18 Mega-moderators and over 240 moderators volunteering to organize & support the Pi community in over 50 different languages.

Timeline of Pi Network’s journey so far;

14th March 2019: Pi officially launches to address blockchain accessibility and build an inclusive economy.

30th April 2019: Pi Network reached 1000 engaged Pioneers.

23rd May 2019: Pi Network reached 10,000 engaged Pioneers.

30th October 2019: Pi Network reached 1 million engaged Pioneers.

31st March 2020: Pi Network’s phase II begins where the Testnet phase & Pi’s first node joins the network
1st May 2020: Pi Nodes are able to join the Testnet & Pi release first version of Pi platform

September to October 2020: First Pi convention took place where they bring Pi community together to share their ideas with the Pi core team.

8th of December 2020: Pi Network reached 10 million engaged Pioneers.

1st of April 2021: Pi wallet & Pi browsers were released.

28th June 2021: Pi releases the Developer Portal, new Pi SDK and other ecosystem resources.

July to September 2021: Pi Network hosted first Pi hackathon for the community #BuildPi2gether

24th September 2021: Pi Network reached 25 million engaged Pioneers.

Apart from the Network’s achievement in timeline, the Pi Network’s special Poster also suggest that there are much more to come in the future. Like;

  • Mass KYC solution
  • Expanded developers resources and programs
  • More Pi apps
  • Mainnet Launch
  • New community content
  • Actual Pi-banking videos

You can visit here to see the Pi Network’s special Poster that they have published.

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