Pi Network’s Latest Epic June Music Fest Is Here!

Pi Network, a rapidly growing community-driven cryptocurrency, is not only revolutionizing the world of digital currency but also fostering creativity and engagement among its Pioneers. One of the exciting ways Pi Network brings its community together is through its regular art festivals. These events have displayed incredible talents within the community, from stunning photography to creative artworks. 

Building on the success of previous festivals, Pi Network is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its lineup: the June Music Fest. This month, the spotlight is on music, inviting Pioneers to create and share their original tunes. Whether you are an experienced music artist or a newbie eager to explore AI music creation tools, this festival offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the Pi community in a fun and creative way. 

In this blog post, we will dive into the details of the June Music Fest, explain how you can participate, and highlight what makes this festival so special. We will cover everything from submission guidelines to how you can engage with and support your fellow Pioneers’ creations. So, get ready to tune in and discover how you can be part of this musical celebration on Pi Network! 

Overview of the June Pi Music Fest 

This June, Pi Network is turning up the volume with its latest Pi art festival theme: “Music: Pioneer Tunes to Chill, Dance, and Mine Pi to!” Pioneers are encouraged by this fascinating theme to compose and perform original music that speaks to the Pi community’s everyday experiences. Whether you are creating tunes to relax, dance, or even mine Pi too, this festival is all about celebrating the power of music. 

Incorporating music into the Pi Network community adds a dynamic new dimension to our interactions. Music has a unique ability to bring people together, evoke emotions, and create lasting memories. By introducing a music-themed festival, Pi Network is encouraging Pioneers to explore their musical talents and share their creativity in a way that enhances the overall community experience. 

The June Music Fest is open to everyone, from seasoned music artists to enthusiastic newcomers. If you are already a music artist, this is your chance to compose tracks that can become the soundtrack of the Pi community. If you are a music lover without much experience in creating music from scratch, do not worry! AI music creation tools are available to help you express your creativity in new and exciting ways. 

This festival is a fantastic opportunity for all Pioneers to display their musical talents, connect with others through their creations, and contribute to the vibrant, diverse culture of Pi Network. 

How to Participate and Submission Guidelines for Pi Music & Art Fest

Participating in the June Music Fest is easy and exciting! Here is how you can get involved and share your musical creations with the Pi Network community: 

Detailed Instructions on Participation: 

  1. Create Your Music: Compose original music that Pioneers can enjoy while chilling, dancing, or mining Pi. Whether you are an experienced musician or a beginner using AI music creation tools, your creativity is what matters. 
  1. Join the #PiMusic Channel: Head over to the Fireside Forum, Pi Network’s native social media app in the Pi Browser and navigate to the #PiMusic channel where the festival is taking place. 
  1. Submit Your Music: Submit your original music as a link from any video or streaming platform of your choice, such as YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, or Spotify. If you use AI tools to create your music, ensure the AI tool grants you full ownership rights of your composition before submission. 

Submission Guidelines: 

  • Originality: Submissions must be your own, original music. You cannot submit music created by someone else. 
  • AI Music Creation: If you are using AI music creation tools, verify that the tool gives you full ownership of the music you create. This ensures that your submission is genuinely yours. 
  • Themes and Incorporation: While your music does not have to be directly about Pi Network, creatively incorporating Pi into your tunes is encouraged. 

Using In-App Tokens: 

To participate in the campaign and interact with other submissions, you will need in-app tokens. Here is how to get them: 

  • Earn Through Pi Usage: Use Pi within the app to earn tokens. 
  • Watch Ads: Obtain tokens by watching ads in the Fireside Forum. This method does not require KYC or Mainnet Migration. 
  • Migrate to Mainnet: Using Pi to obtain tokens requires you to complete your Mainnet Checklist and migrate to Mainnet. 

Rules and Requirements: 

  • Respect Community Guidelines: Ensure your submissions are tasteful and free of hateful, vulgar, or offensive content. Pi Network values open-minded and thoughtful creations. 
  • Platforms for Submission: You can submit links from platforms like YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Spotify. Make sure your music is easily accessible through these links. 
  • Ownership Rights: Confirm that you own all rights to your music compositions to avoid any legal issues. 

Participating in the June Music Fest is a fantastic way to display your talent, engage with the community, and contribute to the vibrant culture of Pi Network. So, get creative, compose some amazing tunes, and share them with Pioneers around the world! 

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Engagement and Interaction 

The June Music Fest isn’t just about submitting your own music—it is also about engaging with the creative works of fellow Pioneers. Here is how you can get involved in the community and make the most of this festival: 

Rating and Commenting: 

  • Rate Submissions: Use the in-app tokens to rate other participants’ music by adding or removing Fire. This helps highlight the most popular and well-loved pieces in the community. 
  • Leave Comments: Share your thoughts and feedback on your favorite pieces. Constructive comments can encourage and inspire fellow musicians and music enthusiasts. 

Sharing on Social Media: 

  • Use the #PiMusic Hashtag: Promote your favorite submissions by sharing them on social media with the #PiMusic hashtag. This not only gives visibility to the artists but also displays the talent within the Pi Network community to a broader audience. 
  • Share Button: Utilize the Share button on the Fireside Forum post to easily share music on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This feature helps bridge the Web3 Pi community with the Web2 world, attracting more attention and engagement. 

Encouragement for Community Engagement: 

  • Interact and Connect: Engaging with other Pioneers’ submissions helps build a supportive and vibrant community. Listen to different tunes, appreciate diverse musical styles, and connect with other Pioneers who share your passion for music. 
  • Foster Creativity: By actively participating in rating and commenting, you contribute to a culture of creativity and collaboration. Your feedback can help others refine their craft and gain confidence in their musical abilities. 

The June Music Fest is a unique opportunity to celebrate music within the Pi Network community. By rating, commenting, and sharing, you help create a lively and interactive environment where every participant feels valued and inspired. So, dive in, explore the musical talents of your fellow Pioneers, and make this festival a memorable experience for everyone involved! 

Curating Top Submissions for June Pi Art Fest, 2024

One of the most exciting aspects of the June Music Fest is the opportunity for your music to be recognized and celebrated by the wider Pi Network community. Here is how the Core Team will curate top submissions and what this could mean for participants: 

Curation Process by the Core Team: 

  • Selection of Top Submissions: The Core Team will carefully review all the music submissions to identify those that stand out. They will be looking for originality, creativity, and how well the music fits the festival theme. 
  • Evaluation Criteria: Submissions will be evaluated based on several factors, including musical composition, engagement from other Pioneers (such as ratings and comments), and the innovative use of Pi-related themes. 

Potential Features on Pi’s Platforms: 

  • Social Media Spotlight: Selected top submissions will have the chance to be featured on Pi Network’s official social media channels. This exposure can significantly increase the visibility of your music and attract more listeners from within and outside the Pi community. 
  • Showcased in Other Content: In addition to social media, top submissions might also be highlighted in other Pi Network content, such as newsletters, blog posts, or even within the Pi Browser itself. This is a fantastic opportunity to display your talent to a broader audience. 

Importance of Tasteful and Respectful Content: 

  • Adhering to Guidelines: While creativity and originality are highly encouraged, it is essential that all submissions are tasteful and respectful. The Core Team emphasizes that music should be free of hateful, vulgar, or offensive material. 
  • Community Standards: Maintaining a positive and inclusive environment is crucial. Submissions should align with the community guidelines and values of Pi Network, ensuring that all Pioneers feel welcome and appreciated. 

The curation process by the Core Team adds an exciting dimension to the June Music Fest. It provides a platform for talented musicians to gain recognition and for the community to discover and enjoy exceptional music. By submitting your best work and engaging respectfully, you contribute to a vibrant and supportive community atmosphere, making the festival a truly enriching experience for everyone involved. 

Legal and Trademark Considerations 

Participating in the June Music Fest entails understanding and adhering to certain legal and trademark considerations. Here is what you need to know to ensure your participation complies: 

Confirmation of Rights to Music: 

  • Ownership Confirmation: By submitting music to the June Music Fest, participants confirm that they hold full ownership rights to their compositions. This includes ensuring that any AI-generated music complies with ownership rights stipulated by the AI tool used. 
  • Agreement to Use: Participants agree that Pi Network may use their music submissions, along with their Pi username, as “User Content” under the Terms of Service. This allows Pi Network to display and promote your music across its platforms and channels. 

Proper Use of Pi Network Trademarks: 

  • Trademark Guidelines: To safeguard against misuse and potential frauds, it is crucial that all participants adhere to Pi Network’s Trademark Guidelines. These guidelines outline how Pi Network trademarks, such as the Pi logo and name, should be used properly in submissions and promotional materials. 
  • Preventing Exploitation: Proper use of trademarks helps prevent unauthorized exploitation by malicious actors who may seek to confuse or deceive members of the Pi community. It ensures clarity and authenticity in all communications related to the June Music Fest. 

Reference to Pi Network Trademark Guidelines: 

  • Access and Compliance: For detailed information on Pi Network’s Trademark Guidelines, participants are encouraged to review the guidelines provided by Pi Network. This ensures that all submissions and associated promotional efforts align with the established standards and guidelines. 

By understanding and adhering to these legal and trademark considerations, participants contribute to the integrity and success of the June Music Fest. Ensuring ownership rights and proper use of trademarks not only protects the interests of all participants but also upholds the values of transparency and authenticity within the Pi Network community. 


In conclusion, the June Music Fest marks an exciting opportunity for the Pi Network community to come together and celebrate the creative spirit through music. The June Music Fest not only highlights the creative talents within the Pi Network community but also strengthens bonds and fosters collaboration. 

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