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Sony was offered $200 million by Epic Games to bring PS5 and PS4 exclusives to its store.


Sony was offered $200 million by Epic Games to bring PS5 and PS4 exclusives to its store.
Image by Alejandro Lopez from Pixabay 

Sony has agreed to port four of six of its first-party exclusives to the Epic Games Store in exchange for a minimum pledge of $200 million from Epic Games. An internal memo dated September 2020, which was released on Reset Era as part of the ongoing legal fight between the Unreal Engine creator and Apple, states that it was “actively awaiting input” from the platform owner at the time.

A minimum guarantee means that Sony will be paid $200 million regardless of how well the software sells. If the titles sold for more than the stated amount, it will most likely collect royalties. Days Gone, for example, is set to release later this month on both Steam and the Epic Games Store, so it’s unknown if the Japanese giant agreed to the contract.

We’ll say it hasn’t accepted Epic Games‘ terms since Deacon St John’s debut would not be available on Steam if it had. To be honest, it doesn’t make sense for PlayStation to port its games to PC while restricting the storefronts they’re available on: this initiative is all about creating brand awareness for staple series like Horizon Zero Dawn, in addition to profiting from catalogue material.

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