Celebrate Pi2Day with Exciting Challenges and Exclusive Prizes! 

Pi2Day 2024 is here, and it is time to celebrate! Pi2Day is a special occasion for the Pi Network community, marking the progress and achievements made as we march toward the Open Network. It is a day for Pioneers to come together, explore new features, and take part in exciting activities that will help reach collective goals. 

This year, the Pi2Day Progress to Open Network Challenge has been introduced. This challenge is designed to engage the Pi community in a series of fun and meaningful actions that will drive closer to the Open Network. By participating, you will not only help fuel the growth of the Pi Network, but also have the chance to earn exclusive in-app prizes. 

In this blog post, we will take you through everything you need to know about the Pi2Day Progress to Open Network Challenge. You will learn about the specific actions you need to complete, how to get started, and the exciting rewards you can unlock along the way. So, let us dive in and make this Pi2Day a memorable one for all Pioneers! 

What is the Pi2Day Progress to Open Network Challenge? 

The Pi2Day Progress to Open Network Challenge is an exciting initiative aimed at bringing the Pi community together to celebrate achievements and contribute to the growth of the network. This challenge involves completing a series of five actions within the Pi platform, each designed to highlight new features, encourage engagement, and showcase real use cases for Pi. 

The challenge’s main goal is to help the community progress toward the Open Network. By participating, Pioneers will explore different parts of the Pi ecosystem, engage with community programs, and complete steps on the Mainnet Checklist that are crucial for the journey to the Open Network. 

The importance of this challenge cannot be overstated. It provides an opportunity for Pioneers to actively participate in the network’s development, ensuring we move closer to a fully decentralized and functional Open Network. By working together and completing these actions, the Pi Network is strengthened, paving the way for its future success. 

The Pi community plays a vital role in achieving these goals. Participation and enthusiasm help drive the network’s progress and showcase the collective power of the global community. So, let us embrace the challenge and make significant strides toward the Open Network together!

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How to Participate in the Pi2Day Challenge 

To participate in the Pi2Day Challenge, follow these detailed instructions to get started and complete the necessary actions: 

Step 1: Get Ready for Open Network 

  • Launch your Pi Mining app and tap on the “Challenge” button located on the home screen. 
  • Ensure you have completed all steps on the Mainnet checklist. If you have pending actions, such as signing the Token Acknowledgement or submitting a KYC application, complete these steps first. 

Step 2: Review Your Social Profile Settings 

  • Access the new Social Profile feature and review your profile settings. 
  • The Pi Social Profiles allow you to interact with other Pioneers and integrate into different parts of the Pi ecosystem. 

Step 3: Customize Your New Profile 

  • Personalize your social profile by adding a profile photo. Currently, this photo will only be visible to your friends. 
  • Start from the Profile dashboard, tap “Profile Settings,” and then click the edit icon above your Pi username. 
  • Connect with and follow other Pioneers and adjust your privacy settings. 

Step 4: Visit the New Wallet Lockups 

  • If you have successfully migrated to Mainnet, you can now create a new lockup on the blockchain. 
  • Go to your Wallet, ensure you are on the Pi Mainnet, and tap “Lockups.” 
  • Tap “Create Lockup,” and make your selection. Note that the lockup will go into effect in your next mining session and is not reversible once created. 

Step 5: Participate in the Fireside Forum Festival 

  • Take part in the June #PiMusic Art Festival on Fireside Forum by posting your creations and supporting others by engaging with and sharing their posts. 
  • Learn more about how you can participate in the festival and showcase your creativity. 

Exclusive Prizes and Milestones 

Participating in the Pi2Day Progress to Open Network Challenge comes with exciting rewards that make your efforts worthwhile. Here is what you can look forward to: 

Unlocking the First Prize 

  • After completing the first three actions in the challenge, you will unlock the first prize. 
  • This prize allows you to choose one of five special emojis that will appear next to your username in Pi Chats. 
  • These emojis are a fun way to show off your progress and engagement in the Pi Network community. 

The Special Customized Image Prize 

  • Completing all five steps of the challenge will earn you a special, customized image. 
  • This image is a unique keepsake that showcases your accomplishment in the Pi2Day Challenge. 
  • You can use this image to proudly display your achievement on Fireside Forum and across other social media platforms. 

Importance of In-App Keepsakes 

  • These prizes are more than just virtual rewards; they represent your active participation and contributions to the Pi Network’s progress. 
  • Displaying these keepsakes in Pi Chats and on social media helps build a sense of community and encourages others to join in and support the network’s growth. 
  • Engaging with these rewards fosters a deeper connection with the Pi ecosystem and highlights your role in the journey toward the Open Network. 

Participating in the Pi2Day Challenge and earning these exclusive prizes is a fantastic way to celebrate your involvement in the Pi Network. Show off your achievements, connect with other Pioneers, and help drive the network forward. 

Why You Should Participate 

Participating in the Pi2Day Challenge offers numerous benefits for both you and the Pi Network. Here is why you should join in: 

Benefits of Participating 

  • Engagement and Fun: The challenge is designed to be engaging and enjoyable, allowing you to explore new features and programs within the Pi Network. 
  • Exclusive Rewards: Earn unique in-app prizes like special emojis and customized images that you can proudly display in Pi Chats and on social media. 
  • Community Building: By participating, you contribute to the vibrant Pi community, connecting with other Pioneers and sharing your progress. 

Progress Toward the Open Network 

  • Active Contribution: Completing the challenge actions helps progress toward the Open Network, a critical milestone for the Pi Network. 
  • Real Use Cases: Engage with new utilities that provide real use cases, demonstrating the practical value of the Pi ecosystem. 
  • Network Growth: Your participation fuels the network’s growth, making the Pi Network stronger and more decentralized. 

Encouragement for Pioneers 

  • Be a Part of the Movement: Join thousands of other Pioneers in this collective effort to achieve the Open Network. 
  • Make a Difference: Your actions, no matter how small, contribute to the larger goal of decentralization and the success of the Pi Network. 
  • Enjoy the Journey: Take pride in being an active participant in the Pi Network’s journey, celebrating milestones and accomplishments along the way. 


In this blog post, we have explored the Pi Network’s exciting Pi2Day Progress to Open Network Challenge, highlighting its significance and the exclusive prizes you can earn by participating. We discussed the steps to join the challenge, the five actions you need to complete, and the rewards you will unlock along the way. 

Happy Pi2day 2024!! 

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