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Pi2Day is coming! Pi Hackathon #BuildPi2gether

Pi2Day is coming! Pi Hackathon #BuildPi2gether

Pi network just announced Pi Hackathon In their official Pi App.

The App announcement encourages Pioneers to contribute to the Pi Network’s development and ecosystem growth by developing applications

Pi Network’s first-ever Pi Hackathon

According to the Pi Network officials, the goal of Pi Network’s first-ever Pi Hackathon is to educate community developers by demonstrating them how to build on top of Pi using the new Pi platform and developer resources, as well as to identify prospective teams that will work together to build the future with Pi.

The Announcement indicates that this will be a multi-week event that will include speakers, seminars, and construction activities. Finally, projects will have the opportunity to compete for awards and present their work to the Pioneer community.  The announcement also suggests the Pioneers to build applications that have real uses in the real world, with the tagline #BuildPi2gether.

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On the home screen of the Pi official App, The Pi team will publish more details about how to sign up for the Pi Hackathon as the event approaches on June 28. Keep an eye out!

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