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In today’s 21st century, the world of information technology is growing like a wildfire. The need and demand for all the technology related information is huge. Therefore, our team has created this platform so that we can serve the growing need for all the necessary facts and information to all the general people regarding the world of Information & Technology.

Latest and useful Stories/news/articles on Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quantum Computing, the latest tech product release information, the latest event on technology and information, reviews of different tech products and so on.

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Pi Network’s University hackathon winners

Pi Network happily organized their three U.S.-based University hackathons on the weekend of October 14–16 at Harvard University, Cornell University, and UC …

2022 Bee Network Football Carnival 

Bee Network Football carnival has already started their World cup Football Carnival. Bee Network urged all the pioneers to join the Football …

Normal operation of KYC server for Bitcoin Legend (BCL)

After some issues on BCL KYC server, they have finally fixed their KYC server issue. They had requested a Passbase, a KYC …

Pi Network’s core team sponsored and hosted university hackathons

The Pi Network’s Pi Core Team participated in and sponsored three university hackathons that were held at Harvard, Cornell, and UC Berkeley …

Brazil to accept crypto payments

The biggest South American country, Brazil, allows their citizens to use cryptocurrencies for payments. It will be permitted to pay with cryptocurrencies …

Cardano is ready for its Vasil upgrade

The Cardano’s Vasil upgrade is just round the corner, with less than 24 hours left in the countdown. According to the Cardano …

All you need to know about Gala crypto (GALA)

What is Gala crypto (GALA)? Gala crypto or GALA is the native utility token of Gala Games. Users can share Gala crypto …

Bitcoin mining in Australia with solar power

According to a media story, a crypto mining data center in the Australian state of South Australia will run primarily on solar-generated …



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