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In today’s 21st century, the world of information technology is growing like a wildfire. The need and demand for all the technology related information is huge. Therefore, our team has created this platform so that we can serve the growing need for all the necessary facts and information to all the general people regarding the world of Information & Technology.

Latest and useful Stories/news/articles on Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quantum Computing, the latest tech product release information, the latest event on technology and information, reviews of different tech products and so on.

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Pi Network official accounts

Recently, Pi Network has warned its users from fake individuals impersonating official Pi Network accounts and also as the founders of the …

Slovenia Proposes a Flat Crypto Transactions Tax

According to the administration, the flat crypto transaction tax rate would be a little under 5%. The Slovenian government proposed a flat-rate …

Australia: On The Run (OTR), a chain of convenience stores and fuel stations, will soon accept cryptocurrency payments at its 170 outlets

One of the largest fuel and convenience store chain in Australia called OTR (On The Run) is planning to partner with …

Pi Network: Happy Pi Day 2022

Happy Pi Day 2022: March 14th is the Pi Day for the celebration of Pi Network. The Pi community is celebrating the …

South Korea elects a pro-crypto president

Yoon Suk-yeol, a conservative and pro-crypto candidate, won South Korea’s closely battled presidential election on Thursday, capturing over half of the vote …

The Expo Crypto Summit in Dubai

Expo Crypto Summit: Participants are invited to cooperate on the production of digital tokens at a crypto event in Dubai. In the …

The first version of rewards issuance formula of Pi Network

Pi Network just announced their first version of rewards issuance formula. As previously stated, the Pi network will implement the new mining …

Crypto in Sports industry

Some of the latest crypto projects are happening within the wide variety of sports industry. Sponsorships in football, Formula 1, UFC is …



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