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In today’s 21st century, the world of information technology is growing like a wildfire. The need and demand for all the technology related information is huge. Therefore, our team has created this platform so that we can serve the growing need for all the necessary facts and information to all the general people regarding the world of Information & Technology.

Latest and useful Stories/news/articles on Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quantum Computing, the latest tech product release information, the latest event on technology and information, reviews of different tech products and so on.

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An EV charging cryptocurrency payment app is currently under development

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies, a Canadian battery technology company, is working on an EV charging cryptocurrency payment app for smartphones. The EV …

Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, has suspended cryptocurrency withdrawals

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, has halted all cryptocurrency withdrawals on its website. Early Monday, the exchange said on …

The Bitcoin white paper, one of the greatest invention of 21st century written by Satoshi Nakamoto, is now 13 years old

13 years ago, one of the most innovative paper of 21st century on alternative Electronic Cash System also famously known as Bitcoin …

Pi Network’s pilot KYC solution released

The Pi Core Team has created a (trial) Pilot KYC solution for each nation that will first enroll 100 Pioneers. These Pioneers …

A major Russian bank is considering investing in cryptocurrency

A major private Russian bank, Tinkoff is planning to do research to find opportunity in order to introduce crypto investment services through …

Cryptocurrency regulation in India is expected to be implemented in February

According to the reports, the largest democracy in the world, India is planning to regulate cryptos by the time of the next …

The Dubai Financial Services Authority has approved the listing of a Bitcoin fund

The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) has given a regulatory approval to the Bitcoin Fund called QBTCu.TO. DFSA gave the authorization to …

Mastercard claims that any bank or retailer on its enormous network would soon be able to provide cryptocurrency services

Mastercard is expected to announce soon that any of the hundreds of banks and millions of merchants on its payments network would …



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