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Great Pi Commerce Hackathon is back: 9 Things You Need to Know 

Great Pi Commerce Hackathon is back: 9 Things You Need to Know 


In the realm of Pi enthusiasts and tech developers, a buzz of excitement surrounds the upcoming Pi Commerce Hackathon. This event marks a significant moment for Pioneer developers, offering a platform to contribute their skills and creativity to the Pi ecosystem. 

Unveiling Pi Commerce Hackathon 

The Pi Commerce Hackathon is not your typical coding event; it is a community-driven initiative spurred by the success of PiFest in December 2023. This time, the focus is on creating a robust commerce app that seamlessly connects local businesses accepting Pi with the ever-growing community of Pioneers. 

Anticipation and Relevance 

The anticipation is real, and so is the relevance of this hackathon. Picture a world where local businesses and Pioneers effortlessly engage with each other, fostering a symbiotic relationship. The Pi Commerce Hackathon is the stage where developers unite to transform this vision into a tangible reality. 

This event is not about writing code; it is about shaping the future of Pi transactions within local economies. The excitement resonates as developers gear up to contribute ideas, lines of code, and connections that will leave a lasting impact on the Pi community. 

1. Background of Pi Commerce Hackathon

To grasp the significance of the Pi Commerce Hackathon, let us rewind to the success of PiFest in December 2023. PiFest, a global event that drew participation from Pioneers in 155 countries, highlighted the community’s vibrant enthusiasm for Pi transactions. 

PiFest Triumph 

PiFest was not merely an event; it was a testament to the thriving Pi ecosystem. Thousands of Pioneers, from diverse corners of the globe, actively engaged in a celebration of Pi’s potential. The success of PiFest illuminated a crucial aspect—the community’s eagerness to participate in Pi transactions. 

The Craving for Connection 

In the aftermath of PiFest, a realization dawned—the need for a dedicated platform where local businesses and Pi enthusiasts could effortlessly find each other. The demand was clear; Pioneers and merchants yearned for a space where they could connect, transact in Pi, and contribute to the growth of their local economies. 

The groundwork laid during PiFest set the stage for the Pi Commerce Hackathon. The echoes of success reverberate as developers prepare to build an app that not only meets this demand but goes beyond—a commerce app that becomes the conduit for seamless interactions between businesses and Pioneers. The journey from PiFest to the Pi Commerce Hackathon is a testament to the dynamic and responsive nature of the Pi community. 

2. The Challenge 

Embarking on the Pi Commerce Hackathon entails a thrilling challenge—one that stems from the ingenuity of the Core Team’s Commerce App prototype. This prototype serves as the creative spark, a guide for visionary developers ready to shape the future of Pi transactions. 

Unveiling the Prototype 

At the heart of this challenge lies the Core Team’s prototype, a glimpse into the possibilities of a commerce app interconnected with the Pi ecosystem. Developers are invited to draw inspiration from this prototype, a foundation designed to foster the creation of a robust platform. 

Features that Define the Challenge 

The canvas is vast, and the challenge is to paint a masterpiece. Developers, working in teams, will craft a Commerce App brimming with features tailored for a seamless experience: 

  • Searchable Database: A comprehensive repository enabling users to effortlessly locate local businesses. 
  • Business Profiles: Dive into detailed profiles that encapsulate the essence of each business, creating a personalized connection. 
  • Menus: An exploration of offerings, allowing users to peruse and choose from a variety of products and services. 
  • Loyalty Programs: Engage and reward loyal customers, fostering a sense of community within the Pi ecosystem. 
  • Pi Payments: The lifeline of the commerce app, facilitating transactions in Pi and propelling the vision of a decentralized and inclusive economy. 

As the canvas comes alive with these features, developers are challenged not only to meet these criteria but to transcend them. The challenge is an invitation to innovate, to infuse uniqueness into each line of code, and to contribute to a commerce app that echoes the spirit of the Pi community—a community bound by the revolutionary potential of Pi. 

3. Benefits & Support for Pi Commerce Hackathon

Participating in the Pi Commerce Hackathon is not about the thrill of the challenge—it comes with a set of enticing benefits and unwavering support. 

Pi Day Feature 

Picture this: the winning app taking center stage during the global Pi Day celebration on March 14, 2024. The spotlight will be on the innovative creation, highlighted in official communications to millions of Pioneers worldwide. It is not just a victory; it is a chance to shine on a global scale, leaving an indelible mark on the Pi community. 

Core Team’s Support 

For those choosing the path of PiOS, the benefits extend further. Winning apps crafted using PiOS may receive valuable support from the Pi Core Team. This includes access to server resources, ensuring app stability, and the removal of potential cost barriers. It is more than just a recognition—it is a partnership, with the Core Team bolstering the winning app for continued success in the Pi ecosystem. 

The Pi Commerce Hackathon is not just a competition; it is an opportunity to garner recognition, highlight innovation, and receive unparalleled support from the core architects of the Pi ecosystem. The benefits are as grand as the vision—decentralized, inclusive, and ready to redefine commerce. 

4. How to Participate & Guidelines for Pi Commerce Hackathon

Participating in the Pi Commerce Hackathon is a straightforward yet exhilarating journey, and here is your guide to getting started: 

Registration Process 

The gateway to the hackathon begins with registration. Developers keen on diving into this commercial revolution must fill out the registration form. This simple step is your ticket to the hackathon arena, so ensure all necessary details are accurately provided. 

Timeline and Critical Dates 

Mark your calendars for a timeline filled with innovation and collaboration: 

  • January 23, 2024: Registration and team formation kick-off. 
  • February 1, 2024: The official start of the hackathon. The prototype will be revealed, setting the stage for a month of intense development. 
  • March 3, 2024, 11:59pm PT: Submission deadline. This is the moment to unveil your creation to the world. 

But here is the critical bit: the period from January 23 to 31 is more than just dates on a calendar. It is the crucial window for team formation and preparation, laying the foundation for what promises to be a groundbreaking Pi App. 

Team Size Guidelines 

Unlike some hackathons that impose restrictions on team sizes, the Pi Commerce Hackathon encourages collaboration without limits. There is no cap on team sizes, fostering an environment where developers can unite, bringing varied skills to the table for creating top-notch Pi Commerce apps. 

PiOS License: A Crucial Component 

Emphasizing the use of the PiOS license is not just a suggestion; it is a fundamental aspect of this hackathon. Participants are strongly advised to leverage the Pi Open Source license for their app development. 

As you embark on this exciting hackathon journey, remember, the PiOS license is not just a requirement; it is a powerful tool for building a collaborative and inclusive Pi Commerce future. We will discuss PiOS in detail later in this blog. 

Collaboration Encouraged 

The Pi Commerce Hackathon thrives on collaboration. Developers are not just welcome but encouraged to reach out to others, form teams, and embark on this journey together. Whether you are a seasoned developer or a newcomer, magic happens when diverse skills come together to build something extraordinary. 

Join the “Pi Commerce Hackathon” Pi Chat channel on the mining app or Pi Browser. Introduce yourself, share your skills and experiences, and explore teaming up with fellow developers. The essence of this hackathon lies in collective creativity and shared expertise. 

With the registration complete, the timeline in mind, and the spirit of collaboration at the forefront, developers are poised to contribute their skills to the Pi Commerce Hackathon. It is not just an event—it is an opportunity to shape the future of Pi transactions, one collaborative effort at a time. 

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5. App Guidelines 

Navigating the creation of your Pi Commerce app involves understanding and adhering to specific guidelines. Here is your guide through the intricacies: 

Prototype as a Guide 

The Core Team’s Commerce App prototype is more than just a blueprint; it is a guiding light for your app’s journey. While developers are encouraged to align closely with it, creativity is welcomed. The prototype serves as a compass, offering a sense of direction for the flow and functionality of your app. 

Feature Harmony 

Your app’s features are the stars of the show. Aligning with the prototype’s features, such as a searchable database, business profiles, menus, loyalty programs, and Pi payments, ensures that your app is coordinated with the overarching goal of connecting local businesses with Pioneers. 

Naming and Authenticity 

Your app’s identity matters. Ensure the name is in English characters and resonates with its purpose. Apps should strictly use the Pi SDK for payments, maintaining authenticity and trust. Never request Pioneers to enter passphrases and use only Pi SDK for authentication. 

Deployment and Interaction 

Apps must be deployed on the Testnet, going beyond the sandbox for Pioneers and reviewers to genuinely interact with your creation. A functional UI supporting user interactions is not just a suggestion but a necessity. 

Data Collection Wisdom 

Data is precious, and its collection should be handled with care. Apps must adhere to recommended data collection guidelines, only gathering data necessary for core functionality. Privacy is paramount, and apps should refrain from collecting any excess user data. 

As you embark on crafting your Pi Commerce app, let these guidelines be your compass, steering you towards a creation that not only aligns with the Pi Ecosystem but also stands out as a beacon of innovation. May your coding adventure be guided by creativity and precision! 

6. Instructions 

Embarking on the Pi Commerce Hackathon journey involves more than just coding; it is about collaboration, guidance, and effective utilization of resources. Here is your manual for seamless participation: 

Team Formation Magic 

In the realm of Pi Commerce, collaboration is key. Begin your journey by joining the “Pi Commerce Hackathon” Pi Chat channel, either on the mining app or Pi Browser. Introduce yourself, highlight your skills and experience, and let the collaborative spirit of Pi guide you. Reach out to potential teammates via staked DMs, igniting conversations about forming teams that are not just resourceful but also synergistic. 

The registration process is your portal to the Pi Commerce Hackathon universe. Upon registering, you will be seamlessly integrated into a Google group. This is not just an email list; it is a gateway to connecting with peers possessing complementary skills. The Core Team will be your guide, sending emails that facilitate connections and lay the foundation for potential collaborations. 

PiOS: Your Coding Companion 

PiOS is not just a set of guidelines; it is your companion on this coding odyssey. Explore the commerce apps on PiOS and consider contributing to their code. It is a collective effort, and your additions could spark innovations that resonate across the Pi Community. 

Developer Portal Unveiled 

Your app’s journey starts with registration on the Pi Developer Portal. Navigate to the Developer Portal within the Pi Browser. If it is your first visit, read and accept the terms and conditions. For those stepping into the developer’s shoes for the first time, tap “New App” and select “Pi Testnet” as the App Network. 

Dive into the dashboard of your app, pressing the “Configuration” button. In the realm of app URLs, ensure you choose wisely, adhering to uniqueness. Submit your creation, check the necessary steps on the App Checklist, and you are set to embark on the development journey. 

Assemble your team, embrace the PiOS guidelines, and let the Pi Developer Portal be your canvas. Your instructions are clear; now, let the coding symphony begin! 

7. Submission of Project on Pi Commerce Hackathon

The crescendo of the Pi Commerce Hackathon lies in the moment you present your creation to the world. Here is your guide to the submission phase: 

The Rendezvous Point 

As the clock ticks towards the culmination of your coding symphony, the submission process becomes your grand finale. The Core Team will share a submission form with registered participants in the weeks leading up to the deadline, March 3, 2024. 

Marching Toward Recognition 

The submission form is your canvas to highlight the masterpiece you have crafted. It encapsulates your creativity, innovation, and dedication poured into developing an app that connects local businesses with Pioneers, fostering a vibrant Pi Commerce ecosystem. 

Remember, your app is not just a creation; it is a statement of your commitment to the Pi ecosystem. March boldly toward recognition, and on Pi Day, March 14, 2024, your creation will take center stage, announced to the community as a testament to your coding prowess and contribution to the Pi vision. 

The submission process is not merely a conclusion; it is a celebration of your collaborative spirit, dedication, and the potential impact of your app on the Pi community. Prepare to submit, and let the world witness the legacy you are about to leave in the realms of Pi Commerce. 

8. Resources 

Embark on your Pi Commerce Hackathon journey equipped with a treasure trove of resources to guide you through the exhilarating realm of app development: 

Developer’s Compass 

  • Developer Onboarding Guide: A comprehensive guide outlining the steps to set up as a new developer in the Pi Ecosystem. Let it be your compass as you navigate the exciting path of Pi app development. 
  • Getting Started Checklist:: A quick-start guide, a checklist to accelerate your initiation into the art of building on Pi. Make sure to tick off each step for a smooth takeoff. 
  • Pi Platform Github Repository: Delve into the developer documentation, housing all the information necessary to integrate Pi SDKs and APIs. It is your repository of knowledge on the Pi Platform. 
  • Pi Demo App Repository: Explore or clone the demo application code, a blueprint to inspire and guide your app development. Navigate to “demo.pi” within the Pi Browser to play with it. 
  • PiOS:: Learn about the Pi Open-Source software license, an essential guide for developers creating Pi Open-Source applications and tools. Discover the possibilities of collaboration and localization for the diverse Pi community. 

Workshops and Wisdom 

  • SDK Workshop: Immerse yourself in a presentation on how to effectively utilize the Pi SDK. Gain insights and wisdom that will elevate your understanding of Pi app development. 
  • Product Workshop: Watch a product design guide tailored for Pi app development, a valuable resource for hackathon participants seeking to create impactful solutions. 

PiOS Guidance 

  • PiOS License: Follow the instructions provided to use the PiOS license in your app development. Ensure your code repository includes the PiOS license, fostering collaboration within the Pi Ecosystem. 

Empower yourself with these resources and let them be your guiding stars as you traverse the path of the Pi Commerce Hackathon. May your journey be filled with innovation, collaboration, and the joy of creation! 

9. PiOS: Nurturing Open-Source Spirit 

Understanding the Pi Open Source (PiOS) Software License 

Unveil the essence of PiOS, a beacon lighting the way for developers keen on fostering open collaboration within the Pi Ecosystem. Let us delve into the heart of PiOS: 

PiOS Deconstructed 

  • PiOS License: This vital document is your key to the world of Pi Open Source. Take a moment to absorb the terms and conditions, as it outlines the guidelines for unrestricted use of software exclusively within the Pi Ecosystem. 
  • Customization is Key: The PiOS license provides a foundation, but each project is unique. Customize the Copyright section of the LICENSE file in your repository to reflect your project’s individuality. 

Integration into Your Project 

  • Incorporate PiOS into Your Code: The next step is crucial. Ensure your code repository includes the PiOS license. Download it here and follow the integration instructions meticulously. 
  • Link Your Repository: Once you have successfully incorporated PiOS into your project, use the template provided to add your project to the list. This step fosters a network of collaborative efforts, allowing developers to build on each other’s contributions. 

PiOS: A Catalyst for Collaboration 

Embrace the spirit of PiOS as you embark on your app development journey. Let it be a catalyst for collaboration, a symbol of your commitment to an open, inclusive Pi Ecosystem. Through PiOS, your app becomes not just a creation but a contribution to the collective growth of the Pi community. 

Conclusion: Forging the Future of Pi Commerce 

As we draw the curtain on this comprehensive exploration of the Pi Commerce Hackathon, let us reflect on the exciting journey that lies ahead for Pioneer developers: 

The Pioneer’s Opportunity 

In participating in the Pi Commerce Hackathon, Pioneer developers are not merely engaging in a competition; they are architects of a transformative future. This is an opportunity to shape the Pi Ecosystem, making a lasting impact through innovation and collaboration. 

Registration and Participation: Your Gateway 

The gateway to this extraordinary journey begins with a simple yet crucial step – registration. Pioneer developers are encouraged to grasp this opportunity, aligning their skills and creativity with the ambitious goal of creating a localized commerce app that connects businesses with the Pi community. 

Impact on Pi Ecosystem’s Growth 

The ripple effect of the Pi Commerce Hackathon extends beyond the competition itself. The winning app, featured during the global Pi Day celebration on March 14, 2024, becomes a beacon of progress. It will be shared across official communications, reaching millions of Pioneers worldwide. Moreover, winning apps built using PiOS may receive invaluable support from the Core Team, ensuring stability and eliminating cost barriers. 

A Pioneering Journey 

As the hackathon unfolds between February 1 and March 3, 2024, Pioneer developers are poised to contribute to the growth of the Pi Ecosystem. The development of a Pi commerce app is not just a coding endeavor; it is a pioneering journey that aligns with the broader utility goal of the Open Network. 

The Invitation Stands 

This blog has unfurled the roadmap, inviting Pioneer developers to be part of a transformative narrative. Register now, collaborate with peers, and contribute to the future of Pi transactions. The impact of your innovation extends far beyond the confines of the hackathon, resonating within the heart of the Pi community and shaping the trajectory of the Pi Ecosystem. The call to action from Pi Network is clear: register, participate, and become a pioneer of change. 

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