An EV charging cryptocurrency payment app is currently under development

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies, a Canadian battery technology company, is working on an EV charging cryptocurrency payment app for smartphones.

The EV charging cryptocurrency payment app’s main purpose will be to allow users to customize their EV power requirements based on nearby EV infrastructure, as well as to allow them to pay for their charging needs with cryptocurrency.

With the current spike in interest in cryptocurrencies, the company believes that this functionality will be appealing to customers.

To help with this, EV Battery Tech has entered into a share exchange agreement to buy CryptoPlug Technologies Inc., a blockchain-based crypto software developer.

EV Battery Tech and its affiliate IoniX Pro Battery Technologies Inc. have already released Smart Command, a blockchain-based power management tool. The goal is to use CryptoPlug’s development application to merge the two and shorten the Smart Command’s development time.

The Smart Command’s integration of CryptoPlug capabilities will optimize how and when consumers source all of their EV and energy storage electricity.

The CEO of EV Battery Tech, Bryson Goodwin, said that the CryptoPlug technology will complement their Smart Command application and allow them to bring a more reliable app to the market sooner.

According to the company, this technology will be integrated into the complete IoniX Pro product suite. They believe that b streamlining all payment options, including the increasingly popular cryptocurrencies, they will be revolutionizing the way consumers manage and pay for their electric vehicle and energy storage system power needs.

Smart Command uses its blockchain-based platform to log charging sessions, track power purchases, and sell electricity to the grid.

The Smart Command application was created with the goal of providing a seamless and personalized experience. Its goal is to give customers more flexibility and control over energy tracking so that expenses may be measured accurately and reliably.

The company’s’ goal is to develop smart command apps and bring it to the market for free with some transaction fee.

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