Apple Watch Series 7 with Bigger screen and Faster charging

Let’s talk about Apple Watch Series 7. So, this year Apple Watch is probably most interesting for people coming from much older Apple Watch like OG one and up to series 3 or for the people who never owned an Apple Watch.

I think two big features updated on new Apple Watch Series 7 are

  1. Bigger screen, and
  2. Faster charging

There are other few tweaks and updates on the new Apple Watch, but these are the 2 main updates in my opinion.

Bigger screen size for new Apple Watch Series 7

The latest Apple Watch Series 7 has bigger screen, 20% bigger than previous generation

So, let’s start with the screen size. This display on series 7 is noticeably bigger than the display on series 4, 5, and 6. But the biggest difference is when we compare them to one of the older one like series 7 versus series 0,1,2 and 3 that’s like a 50% bump up in screen size. For the people who owned the older devices, that’s a nice draw.

Now, bigger screen size is always nice as long as you can maintain the same form factor. And that’s what exactly they have done. Series 7 is fractionally bigger than its previous generation, but it’s basically the same shape and size as we’ve known Apple watches to be. And with the bigger screen size, everything is just a little bigger now. And in some cases, they retuned the UI elements so that it’s easier to tap when the buttons are a little larger, everything’s just better with a bigger screen.

However, I will say that the benefits aren’t massive. Like in some cases, some apps like if you’re looking at the maps, or you’re looking at photos on your phone then yeah, a bigger screen is obviously better. But for the way I use my watch, it doesn’t feel like a significantly better experience. Like I felt that when the screen size increased from series 3 to series 4 that was more substantial which felt like a practical and more usable. Therefore, this new screen size is nice, but not as clutch to me.

Apple Watch Series 7 with Bigger screen and Faster charging
Modular duo face

There are 2 new watch faces in this new series. One of them is called the modular duo, which I really like. So, this face is an exclusive to series 7 and if I am being honest, I don’t feel like it needs to be. Like I feel like they could have fit all the elements of this particular watch face onto a smaller screen like a series 4,5 or 6 watch, but it is an exclusive to the series 7. I just really like how everything’s laid out in this modular duo face.

Apple Watch Series 7 with Bigger screen and Faster charging
Contour face

Now there is a second exclusive face to series 7, and it’s called contour. It’s the one that you see in a lot of the marketing materials and I mean the aesthetic of it is subjective, right? Not everyone’s going to like it. It’s this set of stylized numbers that go around the perimeter of the dial, but when I look at it, it feels like a tech demo.

It feels like Apple only put this in the new Apple Watch Series 7 just so they could showcase what the largest screen could look like. With the refractive glass on the side, you can kind of see that bending optical illusion of the screen.

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It’s kind of neat, but at the same time, it’s strange to me that they built a watch face with so much emphasis on perimeter detail just so they could showcase what the largest screen on series 7could do. It almost feels like they built that watch face just for the marketing material, like for the videos and the pictures, so people could look at that watch face.

Apple Watch Series 7 with Bigger screen and Faster charging
Qwerty Keyboard of Apple Watch Series 7

And the other thing I want to talk about the screen is that with series 7 again it’s an exclusive feature you get access to a qwerty keyboard. So, if you are typing a text message, or you’re inputting text on your watch, you can type on a full qwerty keyword.

And it supports quick paths you can swipe around to input text a little quicker and also predictive text, but I did find some issues with it. Like, I understand that this is not like the only way to input text, right? If you’re trying to respond to a message, you can use your dictation, or you can use the canned messages, but if you do choose this, and you want to use the qwerty keyboard, I found it cumbersome. Like, you’re very dependent on the predictive text to get your message across.

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Fast Charging

Charges 40% faster than the previous generation

Apart from big screen, there is one feature in new Apple Watch Series 7 and that is fast charging. So, it charges 40% faster than the previous generations. You have to use the included charger. So, if you have one of the older devices made by third party and was designed to charge Apple watches having series 7 on one of those devices, it won’t charge fast.

But with the new charger which comes with Apple Watch Series 7 will charge the watch at the speed that I feel changes the way that I view this device. It changes how I use the watch. So, normally, when it comes to my personal use, I was never able to go through the whole day with some kind of workout in or some kind of fitness tracking in while also doing a sleep tracking off of one charge. It would always kind of die or be really low in the morning so that it would just be unusable the next day.

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So, I feel like this faster charge rate makes it so that I can do the full day off of one faster charge, and it sounds so weird that just a little of an increase in charge speed changes how I even view this entire product from Apple, but it does.

And I feel like if you’ve ever been the person who’s looked at Apple watches and thought like I hate charging it frequently than I feel like it’s a significant update from older models, but that’s not for everyone, that’s just for the people like myself who are just bad at charging electronics devices.       

So, I am going to wrap up this review with one last thought. So, there were rumors of the Apple Watch Series 7 to have a complete redesign there were several reputable sources thought that there would be a refreshed like a redesign for Apple Watch Series 7, and obviously it didn’t come.

That flat face designed never came around, it was just the standard curved edge Apple Watch that we’ve seen for several years now. So, when it first came out that this was going to be Apple Watch Series 7. I think lot of people kind of laughed at the rumors like you know why do we even loot at rumors why do we listen to them because clearly that’s not what Apple Watch Series 7 was supposed to be.

Apple Watch Series 7 with Bigger screen and Faster charging
S7 chip in Apple Watch

But this year Apple Watch did not get an updated CPU like the S7 chip which got some updated elements to it. Like there is a new driver for the display. I’m sure there are other features in it that you know they updated the package, but the actual processor uses the same CPU as last year’s, and that’s a first for an Apple Watch.

Now, there is a part of me that feels like those leaks and rumors were actually somewhat true, like I do feel like that flat edge design thing is going to come out at some point. Because something feels off to me. So, maybe next year that’s the flat edged thing that we will see, but that’s just my assumption.

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