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Happy Pi2Day 2021 #BuildPi2gether

Happy Pi2Day 2021 #BuildPi2gether

On June 28th Pi Network celebrated Pi2Day 2021 with the start of Pi Hackathon.

Happy Pi2Day 2021 #BuildPi2gether

Pi Network is launching the new Pi Apps utility platform, Pi Developer Portal, and Pi Hackathon to commemorate Pi2Day 2021. Community developers will now be able to start developing and testing applications for the Pi platform, which will be used by millions of people.

Overview and Importance of the Project

Pi is a worldwide cryptocurrency with a high transaction throughput that allows for quick financial settlements around the world. Pi Network, on top of this utility, aims to self-actualize by providing value through a decentralized network of programmed utilities (apps) that transact products and services using the Pi blockchain as a medium of exchange.

The new Pi Utilities Platform serves as the foundation for this, linking to the Pi Testnet blockchain (and, eventually, the Mainnet) in the backend and the Pi Browser’s user accessibility in the frontend.

Launch of the Pi Utilities Platform

Pi apps will be implemented as web-apps that run inside the Pi Browser thanks to community work. Pioneers can now make Test-Pi payments to third-party apps and vice versa using the existing SDK. Because the sender must sign it with their own private key, a Pi payment is always begun and allowed at the sender’s computer device, whether it’s an individual Pioneer or a third-party software.

With a single JavaScript call utilizing the Pi JavaScript SDK, third-party Pi programs can ask a Pioneer to pay them Pi for products and services via the Pi wallet. Pioneers pay by using their Pi Wallet to sign the transaction. By signing through their developer wallet on their servers, third-party Pi apps can send Pi to Pioneers.

Pi Browser allows pioneers to access a third-party app website. They can tap to pay-in-Pi to be redirected to the Pi wallet’s address wallet.Pi, where they can access their own wallet and agree the payment. They will be sent back to the address of the third-party app to proceed after the payment has been successfully registered on the Pi blockchain.

Since the SDK and Pi apps payment flows are connected to the Pi Testnet blockchain, all transactions on the current platform use just Test-Pi. Their goal is to collaborate with the community to evolve and improve the Platform and its Pi Apps so that they are compatible and ready to use whenever Mainnet begins.

Pi Network also established standardized development and deployment resources, a dedicated Kubernetes cluster with accompanying docker containers, so that ecosystem app developers could focus on developing Pi utilities and features without worrying about scalability or server expenses.

Developers of ecosystem apps can publish their ready-to-run apps directly to the Pi’s cluster of thousands of server CPUs. More information on the mentioned resources will be available soon, according to the Pi official’s announcements.

Launch of the Pi Developer Community

The Pi Network‘s new Developer Portal, which was launched a few weeks ago, allows community developers to register for credentials to access Pi Platform APIs and build third-party Pi apps on the Pi Testnet. Developers can use the Developer Portal to access various resources and execute compliance check-ins in the future.

They also said that they are developing a dedicated Discord server for developers to interact and build Pi together for iterative communications and community management. The Discord server will have instructional restheirces, AMAs, and community events aimed at assisting the developer community in creating the next generation of Pi Apps. Participants will be accepted to this Discord channel if they;

  • Complete a developer quiz on Brainstorm to become a verified developer and/or
  • Join a Hackathon team.

The announcement requests the people to wait for their invitation inside their Pi app if people fall into either of the categories listed above.

Pi Hackathon Announcement #BuildPi2gether

Pi Network is announcing the commencement of their new Pi Hackathon today to kick off the introduction of their developer community. The #BuildPi2gether Hackathon is a collaborative event in which Pi pioneers and developers work together to shape the future of the platform. The Hackathon will take place over a seven-week period, from June 28 to August 10th.

Mainly, there are 2 types of apps to create:

  1. Ecosystem apps that are useful programs to improve the ecosystem and its functionality.
  2. Business Apps that serve a consumer or commerce product.


The Pi Network announced that for the best team projects that match the standards, rewards of $100,000 USD and 100,000 Pi will be awarded.

For each types of apps i.e. Ecosystem & Business apps

  • 1st prize = US$20,000 + 20,000 Pi
  • 2nd prize = US$15,000 + 15,000 Pi
  • 3rd prize = US$10,000 + 10,000 Pi

Honorary mentions for 5 winners = US$1000 each + 1,000 Pi

Completed projects will be judged by a panel of judges and the Pioneer community, with the Pi Core team deciding on the winners based on the results.

To take part in the online hackathon, participant must follow following steps;

  • Use the Brainstorm app to participate in the Hackathon.
  • Make a suggestion or join an existing team.
  • Following the invitation to the new developer Discord server, join the hackathon team’s dedicated discord channel.
  • Start working on your proposal with your team until August 10th, when you’ll submit a mid-term progress report and a final video presentation!

A balanced Hackathon squad will be the conciliation of professionals in:

  • Development: Builders of the 3rd party Pi app with code
  • Business: Experts defining the business feasibility and advancement of the project
  • Marketing & Communications: Experts giving their product idea to the public
  • Design: Artists making the UI/UX of the app for Pioneers’ usability
  • Others: Pi Hackathon is open to everyone according to the Pi Network. Communicate and utilize special skill sets to assist to the future of Pi. Reach out to teams and share your expertise.

In conclusion, the Pi Network hopes that the Pi Hackathon will aid in the decentralization of Pi’s ecosystem on the Pi Platform, harnessing the strength of their global community to attain the extensiveness and size of traditional markets, where real value and utilities are created. To read more, you can check out Pi Network’s official blog in their Medium platform. #BuildPi2gether

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