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How to take copyright free images for latest tech news

How to take copyright free images for latest tech news

How to take copyright free images for latest tech news?

After the rude awakening of the world with the persistent lockdown due to pandemic, disrupting lives of millions if not billions from all backgrounds of life all over the world, people are looking for ways to earn their livelihood from the home. As working from home is becoming significant rather than just a preference, more and more people are trying their hands on blogging without any prior knowledge of the particular field with a hope to make a reasonable income for their families during these uncertainties of Covid-19.

One of the most asked question on the internet is about how to use copyright free images in our blog.

There are 2 ways to use any image in our blog, and they are either paid or free.

1.    1. Paid images: As the word itself suggest that we have to pay to use any copy right images, and that is as true as it can get. But mostly people don’t want to use the paid images in the beginning of their blogging carrier because obviously they cannot afford it. Therefore, people are looking for ways to get copyright free images.

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2.    2. Copyright free images: So the big question is how to take copyright free images for blogging like latest tech news, social news, entertainment blogs, and lifestyle blogs and so on.

So, in simple words, there are many websites online with which you can download and use copyright images for free in your blogs. These websites also have the paid services if you want more varieties of images to choose from, but nevertheless, these websites provides enough free copyright images to use in your blogs. Some of the popular websites that I personally recommend to new bloggers to get your copyright free images are as follows:

a.     Pixabay: Pixabay is one of my all-time favorite website to use to get copy right images for my personal blogs. The process is very simple, you go to the site and simply search for the images that you are looking for and then once you get the picture you can download it or just use the URL link to upload it in your blog with option to give credit to the owner of the images at free of cost. Link to go to Pixabay:

b.     Pexels: Pexels is also another favorite website to use to get copy right images and videos for your personal blogs. I personally use this website to get free copyright videos for my blogs, but you can easily get the stock free images as well. The acquisition of copyright free images and videos are exactly similar to the process I mentioned above. Link to go Pexels:

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Although, these are just the two websites that I mentioned, but there are many more sites like these to offer you copyright free images and videos. So without wasting time on the issue regarding Copyright free images, you can start working on your blogs from today and can use plethora of copyright free images and videos from these websites.


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