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Microsoft Teams is coming out with AI-based real time noise suppression

Microsoft Teams is coming out with AI-based real time noise suppression

After the world was struck by a devastating pandemic, more and more people are now opting to work from home. People are searching for the tools that will ease them to work from home. Many tech companies are leering to grab this opportunities by providing user the necessary tools that they require to work from home. One of the market leaders when it comes to video conferencing is Microsoft Team.

Artificial Intelligence based noise suppression on Microsoft Teams

The technology powerhouse Microsoft is all set to come up with their latest Artificial Intelligence based noise suppression tool in their video meeting application, Microsoft Teams. The instantaneous noise suppression in Microsoft Teams will automatically eliminate background clatter during video meetings. AI centered noise suppression works by examining an individual’s audio feed and using specially trained deep neural networks to filter out the noise and retain only the speech signal.

The user will now have control over how much noise suppression they want. The high setting is new and will subdue more background noise. The feature is supposed to be available in coming November for Windows OS 10, 8 & 7 users.

The American based firm, Microsoft, declared last month numerous new features to assist people to stay connected, team up and figure out explanations in the company’s very own video meet application. Breakout rooms will allow meeting planners to divide contributors into smaller groups to ease brainstorming sessions or workgroup considerations.

Arriving somewhere later this year, The Microsoft Teams custom designs will allow us for a more lively content watching experience & enable presenters to modify how content shows up for attendance during a video conference meeting. The software pioneer giant Microsoft’s video conferencing app will also include the option for a recap with the meeting recording, chat, transcript, shared file & more that can be automatically shared in the meeting Chat tab and available in the Details tab for each meeting.

Microsoft Teams will have an efficient view that will be able to show contacts details, call history & voicemail at once, which makes it easier to initiate or return a call with just a push of a single click. This latest search experience in Teams, powered by Microsoft Search will make finding messages, people, answers, and files faster and more natural which will come out later this year.

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