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Normal operation of KYC server for Bitcoin Legend (BCL)

Normal operation of KYC server for Bitcoin Legend (BCL)

After some issues on BCL KYC server, they have finally fixed their KYC server issue. They had requested a Passbase, a KYC certification company, to fix the problem caused by a server error.

Currently, Bitcoin Legend (BCL) KYC authentication is operating normally. Furthermore, they will proceed further as follows;

Forced update performed (V 1.4.9)

Despite many updates to the KYC certification version, customers still request KYC using the outdated version, causing DB confusion, necessitating a forced update.

*Go to update on Google Play Store

*Go to update on Apple App Store

BCL KYC re-verification without additional fee

  1. Target users (913 users)  

Users who were unable to certify their KYC documents because the KYC server made a mistake (KYC icon color : gray)

2. How to make re-certification

Press the KYC icon (gray) on the app

* Your email confirming your KYC certification was delivered to you by the BCL core team.

BCL Manual KYC re-verification free of charge

      1. Target users

           KYC icon (red color): 235 users

           KYC icon (Blue color): 437 users

       2. How to make re-certification

A manual inspection will be performed by a member of the BCL core team if you register using the link to the Google form below.

This is your final opportunity, so snap precise, glare-free pictures of your face and identification documents (National ID, driver’s license, passport, and voter ID) now. Documents that have passed their expiration date will be disallowed once again.

Please only upload once because repeat uploads will slow down the processing pace.

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