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OKX and CORE: A Match Made in Crypto Heaven

OKX and CORE: A Match Made in Crypto Heaven

OKX, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, is proud to announce the integration of the Core mainnet and the listing of Core (CORE) on its spot trading markets. This marks a significant milestone for both OKX and the Core community, as it enables traders to easily access and trade the CORE token on one of the most reputable and secure platforms in the industry.

Trading of CORE on OKX will begin according to the following schedule:

  • CORE deposits open at 06:00 am UTC on January 17th.
  • CORE/USDT spot trading: OKX will list $CORE as soon as the $CORE deposit meets the standard.

What is CORE?

Core is a blockchain that merges the composability of EVM chain with the decentralization and security of Bitcoin, creating a unique L1 blockchain platform. This distinctive blend of features positions Core as a highly innovative and promising venture in the blockchain arena. The native token of the Core blockchain is CORE, and with a total supply of 2,100,000,000, it represents a valuable asset for investors and traders alike.

Ticker: CORE

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