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Pi Network official accounts

Pi Network official accounts

Pi Network official accounts

Recently, Pi Network has warned its users from fake individuals impersonating official Pi Network accounts and also as the founders of the Network. As the popularity and users of the Pi Network is increasing rapidly, there is also some growth in fake impersonators to scam the users. Because of this issue, Pi Network has published their full list of “official accounts” to help out their users to navigate through fake impersonators.

Pi Network has made it clear that any account which is not enlisted in the published list is not associated with Pi Network or with the Pi Core Team in any shape or form. They also encouraged their users to share the published list into the community to create awareness and to protect the valuable users from scam artists.

List of official accounts of Pi Network

You can visit here to see the actual published list by Pi Network. Pi Network specifically mentioned that any accounts that does not exist in this list is not associated with Pi Network at all.  

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