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Pi Network’s latest KYC update brings new features and improved infrastructure

Pi Network’s latest KYC update brings new features and improved infrastructure

Pi Network’s latest KYC update brings new features and improved infrastructure
Pi Network KYC update

On December 06, 2022, Pi Network brought their new KYC update. On their latest KYC update, Pi Network claims that they have been able to bring new features and overall improvement in their existing infrastructure.

The Pi Core Team has made substantial advancements in the KYC procedure since their last update that occurred in July. Like,

  1. enhance the KYC app’s usefulness, reliability, and security
  2. more Pioneers will have access to KYC. And,
  3. Real Pioneers who have submitted applications but not yet got KYC results are analyzed and solutions are developed.

While many of these improvements, particularly those made to the KYC app’s usefulness, reliability, and security, are invisible to most Pioneers, it is important to note that the overall goals of KYC update is to allow real Pioneers in various countries and regions to pass KYC as accurately and safely as possible in larger volume while preventing as many fake accounts as possible.

By offering dependable & secured enrollment to ensure the inherent quality of the network, KYC is crucial to sustaining a thriving Pi ecosystem and is a priority for the Pi Network’s Core Team.

To better inform Pioneers and prepare them for the upcoming phases, Pi Network is giving more information about what they have been working on since their last July KYC update.

Pi Network’s major improvements on this new December KYC update

Pi Network KYC update, December: The development and application of better machine automation for concealing ID document.

The upgraded algorithm will enable crowd validators to continue performing their duties while more efficiently removing personal information from ID documents. Hence, increasing the number of passing users. The Pioneers’ KYC process as a whole will benefit from this adjustment, even if not all Pioneers will be aware of it.

Pi Network KYC update, December: To assess the efficiency and statistics of human Validators, a method was created.

In order to ensure that the KYC findings are as accurate and reliable as possible, this is yet another essential backend invisible feature that must be monitored, evaluated, and used to hold crowd Validators accountable.

Pi Network KYC update, December: Major backend program restructuring on validation work selections.

Although end users cannot see this improvement, it is essential to increase Validators’ productivity and generate more precise KYC findings.

Pi Network KYC update, December: Upgraded the infrastructure for the KYC app’s efficiency.

This is essential to improve the KYC app’s performance and user experience, for instance by accelerating the loading of each screen to raise the proportion of correctly submitted applications.

Pi Network KYC update, December: Enhanced the analysis and application process to increase the eligibility of Pioneers.

Raising the percentage of the network that is qualified to submit a KYC application is related to a concern for many Pioneers.

Other improvements on this new December KYC update includes:

Technical procedures were developed to examine the KYC funnel, determine why some applications were trapped there, and build remedies to allow these applications to proceed to completion.

Fixed a problem that made it impossible for some Pioneers who had already undergone KYC to view an updated version of their Mainnet Checklist. Pioneers who successfully complete KYC will now be sent directly to the Checklist.

Deployed a number of additional functions to support the entire KYC solution, including (but not limited to) increased security features, user experience upgrades, and specialized camera functions for older devices and OS.

Enhancing our capacity to handle name change appeals from Pioneers, which have prevented certain Pioneers from passing KYC on time. This can be a challenging procedure because it needs both machine automation (which some Pioneers have already achieved) and human confirmation (currently being developed and required to handle name appeals that cannot be handled by machines alone).

To boost eligibility to apply and receive quicker results for various Pioneers, existing efforts (such as tentative KYC in particular locations and resubmission effective for specific delayed cases) are continuously deployed, monitored, and improved.

Regarding expanding the pool of candidates for KYC, Pi Network is delivering a change this week that will provide an extra 18% of the network’s Pioneers the ability to submit an application. If members of the network verify their Pi accounts using a phone number or Facebook, an additional 13% of the network will be qualified to submit a KYC application. So, if you want to apply for KYC, make sure your account is validated!

Pi Network’s upcoming KYC update objectives

In order to prepare Pioneers for all possibilities, Pi Network is offering a condensed list of the topics that they are working on for the KYC update process in the upcoming weeks.

Post-mining engagement messages will be sent to pioneers who started the KYC procedure but did not finish it in the main app to assist and remind them to finish their application.

Pioneers who filed an appeal to change their account name but are unable to proceed with the KYC procedure because their name appeals cannot be resolved by automated machinery will be assisted in doing so by KYC human Validators.

Unclog the applications of the 56% of Pioneers whose KYC processes are frozen. Only roughly 11% of all KYC applications that have been completed to date are frozen cases. Pioneers in areas where the unique “Tentative KYC” is used are exempt from this since they adhere to a different procedure.

Other KYC update enhancements that Pi Network is working on could be released in early 2023

Rejection Appeal feature

Give rejected Pioneers the option to appeal their KYC outcome even if they don’t currently qualify for resubmissions. Once this functionality is implemented, rejected KYC applicants will be able to submit an appeal form with more supporting documentation for a second opportunity at review.

Handwritten ID processing

Allow the KYC procedure to handle IDs with handwritten on them. This feature will assist applicants who are currently having trouble, since their application may be held up for review because their country’s ID documents are partially written by hand.

Pi Network’s Concurrent Objectives

Pi Network is able to concentrate on two objectives simultaneously thanks to the present Mainnet Enclosed Network phase: mass KYC and ecosystem utility development. Both are crucial milestones in the direction of Pi Network’s ultimate goal, which is to create a strong ecosystem in preparation for Open Mainnet.

According to the Pi Network, they listen to the community’s concerns about KYC, and they appreciate Pioneers patience as their Core Team makes every effort to scale KYC as quickly as feasible. Without the help of the entire Pi community, Pi Network’s objectives would not be feasible, and they also want to thank Pi KYC Validators for their contribution to the overall KYC procedure. Pi Network hope that this December KYC update news clarifies their efforts and the near future directions of the network.

In addition to providing utilities, the Core Team is trying to encourage and support ecosystem app creation through partnerships with businesses, regular Hackathons, and community developers. Here are the most recent Hackathon champions.

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