2022 Bee Network Football Carnival 

Bee Network Football carnival has already started their World cup Football Carnival. Bee Network urged all the pioneers to join the Football Carnival and start the road to the champion. Total prize pool worth’s over $20,000. Time to win big!!!

Major highlights on Bee Network Football Carnival, 2022 

1. The Bee network Football Carnival started from Nov 20th and will go until Dec 18th (Qatar local time).

2. The major events in the carnival for you to join are Task Hunt, Betting Contest and Lucky Box. Please update your Bee Network APP to v1.8.1626 beforehand.

3. All pioneers joining one of the major events will receive a free football-carnival-decoration for the profile avatar automatically.

4. Total prize pool for the Bee Network Football Carnival worth’s over $20,000, rewards including $10,000 USDT giveaway, iPhone14, BTC, ETH, NFT and other surprising items. You can win chances to get the rewards through events during the carnival. Please claim your iPhone14 or NFT via Telegram @BeeNWIT.

5. During the Football Carnival, you can bet on any match with your points with a min amount of 100 points and max amount of 2,000 points per bet. Betting opens 24H before the match and closes once the match starts. The betting is non-revocable once it’s confirmed. The final betting results will be auto calculated by computer according to how much you bet for the match in total, and you can see the results by clicking the Check Results button after the match ends.

6. The system will keep records of the points you won from the Betting Contest (not total points in the carnival), which can be checked on the ranking page. There will be 4-week ranking records and each will reset when in the weekends, you can check history records on the ranking page.

7. Different levels of Lucky Boxes will be rewards for certain rankings, and you can open the box once a week to draw rewards from the pool when the ranking contest of the week ends.

2022 Bee Network Football Carnival 

8. You can redeem 100 points for 1 chance to draw the Lucky Box, no limit per day. Good luck.

9. Bee Network DAO reserve the right to the final interpretation of this activity.

10. Apple Company is not involved nor a sponsor of the event.

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