All you need to know about PulseChain Crypto

PulseChain crypto is attracting the attention of investors looking for the next big cryptocurrency (PLS). Investors are on the lookout for the next big cryptocurrency opportunity. They are, however, conscious of the potential of cryptocurrency frauds and want to learn more about PulseChain crypto before making any decision for any type of investment. 

A background for Pulsechain crypto

A background for Pulsechain crypto
Dark logo of PulseChain crypto

PulseChain crypto bills itself as an “Ethereum-killer,” despite the fact that Ethereum has become the de facto standard for developing and delivering blockchain applications. It’s become so popular that Israel is considering issuing its own digital money.

However, individuals who conduct business on Ethereum have had a poor experience. Costs might be costly, and network congestion can hold transactions down, leading to missed chances and delayed execution. Many projects have emerged as Ethereum alternatives, including Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, and Cardano. PulseChain crypto is the most recent addition to the group.

PulseChain’s developers have emphasized various features that they claim distinguish the project from Ethereum. PulseChain, according to the creators, will be more energy-efficient, faster, and less expensive than Ethereum. It’s worth mentioning, though, that Ethereum is undergoing a software upgrade that may address some of its present energy issues.

The Ether cryptocurrency on Ethereum has no maximum supply cap, putting holders at danger of inflation. PLS is the official cryptocurrency of PulseChain. With a token burn, the project will reduce the risk of PLS inflation.

So, what is Pulsechain exactly?

So, what is Pulsechain crypto exactly?
Official logo of PulseChain crypto

Richard Heart, who was previously active in the Hex crypto project, is leading the PulseChain crypto project. The Hex crypto price recently has pumped tremendously. And people believe that it was all because of Richard Heart. However, the Hex and Pulsechain are not connected in any way other than that they both were created by the same creator.

So, what is Pulsechain crypto? It’s not Hex 2.0. It’s a fork of Ethereum blockchain. The entire blockchain basically duplicated like a copy of Ethereum. And It’s not just copied but copied with some improvement, hence the name “Ethereum-killer”. It’s been copied and turned into a delegated Proof-of Stake blockchain. Blockchains that have a similar model are things like binance smart chain or EOS. They have validators. A set of validators could be as low as 21 validators, or it could be as high as 100. I am actually not sure how many Pulsechain is going to have as far as active validators making the blocks.

One of the key features of Pulsechain is that it optimizes block times. For Ethereum normally they take, 13 seconds per block but PulseChain crypto makes it like 3 seconds per block. So, there is a 4x speed improvement. But that’s not all, there is going to be lower fees on Pulsechain, like orders of magnitude lower fees.

Lower network fees mean more retail adoption and a lower entry hurdle for average customers. Those wishing to invest or stake smaller quantities are unable to do so because of the ETH GAS fees. Many people’s interest is currently being robbed.

There have also been rumors of new and previously unknown features, but these have yet to be proven.

Emphasize Proof-of-Stake over Proof-of-Work, rewarding Stakers rather than Miners.

There will be 1,170,000,000,000 PLS coins on PulseChain and this is an interesting ICO model. It has in my opinion to be one of the biggest ICOs if not the largest next to EOS’s 4 billion ICOs.

So, Pulsechain crypto is like taking an Ethereum 2.0 and moving it way up the timeline. Another way of describing Pulsechain is its binance smart chain, but with a snapshot of the Ethereum blockchain. Binance smart chain is compatible with Ethereum and that’s why it’s been widely successful with its super low fees. But it retains Ethereum compatibility. Well, Pulsechain crypto is going to retain Ethereum compatibility, but it’s going to have the entire snapshot of every balance of every token that you may hold. You are going to own a copy of that on PulseChain. Even if you don’t invest in Pulsechain crypto you’re going to have a copy of it, that in my opinion is super cool.

So, there are a couple of ways you can get PulseChain crypto. Either, you can get them as a free kind of airdrop of things you already own on the original Ethereum chain, or you can actually burn tokens, which is like donating. 

“Note = the free automatic conversion of ETH to PLS is at much smaller rate than if you “sacrifice” ETH for PLS” (Sacrifice is the term Pulse chain uses for buying into its “ICO”)  

Why PulseChain Crypto is important?

After mentioning all the cool features about Pulsechain crypto, it is certainly going to be very important crypto out there. Having said that, there is also a probability of it being a scam. There is always that risk when it comes to crypto market, it is very volatile and everybody must know that.

However, assuming PulseChain crypto not a scam, following are the important factor of the project in my opinion;

  • PulseChain crypto is going to help with Ethereum scaling because it’s going to be interoperable. So, it can actually offload a lot of the transactional throughput onto PulseChain to help alleviate the fees on Ethereum 1.0 chain.
  • It’s going to be more performant.
  • It’s going to be faster than Ethereum.
  • Furthermore, it will allow to make a passive income by staking your Pulse coin when it launches.
  • And lastly, the other important factor is its deflationary nature. It burns a quarter of every transaction that’s going to be made.

So, all these factors make the PulseChain crypto a pretty good and bullish in my opinion and could be a moonshot project, if it’s not a scam.     

Sacrifice in Pulsechain crypto

Right now, if you visit to their official website, it says “congratulation! The Pulse sacrifice phase has started”. “Earlier and larger sacrifices get more points. The first 5-day gets the same rate. The rate increases 5% per day for the remaining 14 days.”

This sacrifice phase is going to last until the 3rd of August 2021. So, how it works? In nutshell, is that you sacrifice tokens. You can sacrifice bitcoin, Ethereum, bitcoin cash, and a bunch of other tokens according to the list they have provided. And then what happens is the dollar value of that sacrifice at the moment you make it gets turned into 10,000 PLS tokens for every one US dollar worth of sacrificed token.

So, let’s say you took 1 bitcoin cash token, which is worth $415 (approx.). Well, you’d get 10,000 PLS tokens for every 1 dollar. That means for donating/sacrificing 1 bitcoin cash you will get 4,150,000 PLS tokens. It sounds like a lot, but keep in mind it is 1.7 trillion total Pulse tokens. So, it’s all relative.

Other thing to remember, is that the math that we did is based upon the first 5 days. If you join on 6th day; you will get 5% less than that. If you on 7th day you will get 10% less, etc. And after 19th day, you will get half the amount because it costs 2 dollars to get that same 10,000 PLS tokens. You can visit their official website to read more on this and how to sacrifice if you want to. However, I am not in any way giving you advice to invest. You should do your own diligence. But if I, were you, I would use MetaMask to donate tokens, but that’s just my opinion.

Goals of PulseChain crypto  

all you need to know about pulsechain crypto 4
PulseChain Crypto

According to their official website, the followings are the goals of PulseChain crypto. So, I thought it is worth mentioning here.   

  • Increase Ethereum’s value

By sharing the load, the fees of the Ethereum lowered.

  • Enrich ETH users

Priced-out use cases will be re-enabled by PulseChain: Rather than starting from scratch, PulseChain includes the Ethereum system state and ERC20 tokens, rewarding holders and founders of Ethereum-based projects.

  • Enrich ERC20 and NFT users

PulseChain’s launch is the largest airdrop in history. Thousands of tokens and NFTs based on Ethereum have received their free PulseChain versions. On PulseChain, this new gold rush has resulted in the value discovery of hundreds of tokens and NFTs. Maybe now is your chance to be a whale in one of the ERC20 or NFT tokens.

  • Easy to use

To access PulseChain crypto, you simply need to alter one parameter in your MetaMask wallet. With freemium PLS, ETH holders can transact for free.

  • Lower PulseChain fees and serve more users

By adopting 3-second block timings, PulseChain enhances Ethereum throughput by 4x. The average block time on Ethereum is roughly 13 seconds.

  • Remove Pollution

By substituting proof-of-stake validators for proof-of-work miners. PulseChain crypto is environmentally friendly because it does not “waste” energy by burning it.

  • Improve game theory

PLS has a 0% inflation rate. Validators only get paid in fees, with 25% of those fees being burned to lower the circulating supply.

  • Empower PulseChain holders

The validators and stakers are rewarded with the higher percentage of fees.

In conclusion

PulseChain crypto is certainly becoming more and more famous around the crypto community. The investors are keeping a keen eye on this crypto. The founder of the PulseChain, Richard Heart, is one of the main attractions for the people. As his previous endeavor, Hex, has made a lot of money for people and some even became millionaire overnight. The above-mentioned important factors of the project and its goals combined with its developers makes the PulseChain crypto a real eye catching for investors.

However, I am not in any way trying to give you the investing advice. You should do your own research and consult with the professionals for that. But this is just my sincere effort to bring out the general information on PulseChain crypto.

This whole project could be a scam as it is more likely in the crypto world and can cause you to lose your investment, or it can actually be that golden sailing opportunity where it can take you to the wonderland. So, I guess only time will tell us whether it’s a scam or a real opportunity to make some wealth.

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