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Pi Hackathon Workshops 3 and 4 #BuildPi2gether

Pi Hackathon Workshops 3 and 4 #BuildPi2gether

Today July 16, 2021, the Pi Network released yet another two videos on their official Pi app and on YouTube in their series called Pi Hackathon Workshops. The videos are presented by Hakkyung who is a software engineer and from the Pi core team.

Prior to this, Pi Network has already released the videos where they talked and discussed the introduction of Pi Hackathon Workshops, Pi developer’s portal, the launch of their Pi App Engine and the demo of using the Pi App Engine.

Today’s releases are the further extension of their ongoing Pi Hackathon, which began with the celebration of Pi2day on June 28th and planning to go unto 10th of August 2021. The objective of the Pi hackathon is to encourage and guide developers to build the real-world usage of Pi apps and utilities over Pi Network. They further announced some attractive rewards for the developers if their projects are good enough.

Pi Hackathon Workshops 3 #BuildPi2gether

The first video is about how to use Pi SDK and authenticate users. The video also discusses how we can run our app in the sandbox environment for the development purpose.

Keep in mind that the pi apps are the web apps that are loaded in the environment, which enables them to interact with the resources offered by the Pi apps platform.

For that purpose, we need to install a piece of JavaScript called the Client SDK in our app, according to Hakkyung. He further said that, since Pi apps are primarily web apps, so we can debug them in the desktop browser using the Sandbox environment.

In the first video, Hakkyung demonstrates by using a simple single page application called Pi online bakery. He said that it is initialized with create react app, but we can still create our demo app with bare-bones HTML and JavaScript.

To use Pi SDK, we need to add SDK script tag to our front end. Then we need to call the “init” function to initialize the SDK. We also need to specify the version to ensure the compatibility with future SDK releases. As of now, version 2.0 is the latest.

We would recommend you to watch the first video by Hakkyung under Pi Hackathon Workshops Episode 1 for more details.

Pi Hackathon Workshops #3, how to use Pi SDK and authenticate users.

Pi Hackathon Workshops 4 #BuildPi2gether

In the second video released today, Hakkyung covers how to process payments which are wrappers around the blockchain transaction between our app and users.

He said that the payment process that he covers in the video is at very high level, but that won’t be any problem for us to understand and create a payment system. Hakkyung further added that if we want to learn more about what’s happening behind the scene, we can refer to their Pi Platform documentation.   

We would recommend you to watch the second video by Hakkyung under Pi Hackathon Workshops Episode 2 for more details.

Pi Hackathon Workshops #4, how to use Pi payment

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