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Amazon and Cryptocurrency: The Speculations

Amazon and Cryptocurrency: The Speculations

The rumor has it that Amazon is most likely making moves towards Cryptocurrencies

The speculations regarding Amazon and cryptocurrency are always a hot topic for the financial analyst and crypto enthusiast. The million-dollar question is whether the online retail giant Amazon will ever accept crypto as a payment?

Previously there had been lots of speculation about Amazon accepting crypto and the rumors still continue to exist. Recently, that rumor got more fueled after the company’s wanting to hire the cryptocurrency experts.

Amazon accepting crypto, is it true?  

Amazon accepting crypto, is it true?
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The e-commerce heavyweight is hiring a digital currency and blockchain product lead, implying that customers will be able to spend cryptocurrencies on Amazon in the future. However, Amazon can use this technology in a variety of ways without having to deal with the danger, volatility, and expense of accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Arran Stewart, the co-founder and chief vision officer of A block-chain based recruitment portal claims that for a firm like Amazon, the underlying technology of bitcoin and distributed finance offers significant financial benefits. He implies that using crypt-based merchant systems, payment processing can be done for a lot less money.

Amazon accepting crypto might become reality based upon the Amazon’s recent Job offering.

An individual with experience in blockchain, distributed ledger, central bank digital currencies, and cryptocurrencies is needed to create the case for the capabilities that should be built, drive overall vision and product strategy, according to Amazon’s job offering.

Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies provide the infrastructure for creating and distributing cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and government-issued digital currencies, which are currently in development in most nations. Distributed ledgers are also utilized for open banking, cross-border peer-to-peer payments, digital ID, risk management, and a variety of other business purposes when they aren’t used for crypto trading.

Rumors around the corner is that Amazon will produce their own digital currency to keep sellers and other users on its platform. However, a report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond claims that even huge digital businesses like Amazon and Facebook lack the size to profitably offer their own money.

As word of the Amazon job advertisement spread across technology blogs, suspicion that the company will accept cryptocurrency payments boosted bitcoin’s value by 14% earlier this week. However, Amazon did not respond to the rumors, while the e-commerce giant has previously stated that it has no plans to mint its own money or accept cryptocurrency as payment. Having said that, they are certainly looking for the uses of cryptocurrency.

If Amazon to accept crypto is just a baseless rumor, then what?

Cryptocurrency is often not accepted by large technological companies. Consumers can still use their debit cards to buy crypto, but the funds are converted to traditional currencies before reaching the retailer, who may or may not be aware that crypto was involved in the transaction.

PayPal and Venmo both allow users to buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrencies in this way. Venmo’s crypto support can be used to move investment income to retail purchases, as the company expands beyond its core P2P transfer business into check deposits and contactless cards.

Square’s strategy includes bitcoin, as the payment company’s investments and products that allow users to invest in bitcoin account for 70% of Square’s revenue, despite the fact that Square does not accept cryptocurrency payments in its merchant network.


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While cryptocurrency is inherently volatile, the aggregate worldwide value of cryptocurrency assets has reached as high as $2 trillion in 2021. The challenge of converting these virtual riches into real-world spending has prompted a new round of competitiveness among technological firms.

Large IT companies can use the crypto frenzy to promote other business goals that are possibly more valuable than direct payments by focusing on currency conversions.

As an asset with undeniable worth, Stewart said that crypto might be a wonderful method to entice additional customer spending as well as draw new customers to Amazon for their purchases.

Amazon and Cryptocurrency: How Amazon can benefit?

Amazon and Cryptocurrency: How Amazon can benefit?
Online payment infrastructure

To benefit indirectly from crypto adoption, Amazon, for example, might use its single-sign-on capabilities and existing payment infrastructure meant for third parties. Amazon would provide the fundamental framework for authentication and user experience for both merchants and customers, allowing third parties to accept cryptocurrencies.

Tim Sloane, Mercator Advisory Group’s vice president of payments innovation, said that there are numerous crypto companies that would gladly take the crypto risk in exchange for an Amazon crypto acceptance button.

According to Sloane a blended rate offering to sellers, such as supporting card, bank account, or crypto transactions for a cheaper merchant fee, is one way Amazon could do this.

Amazon may offer a PayPal-style feature for buying and selling crypto, as well as P2P and cross-border remittance transactions, by working with crypto firms.

Tim Sloane further said that deciding which of these ideas, Amazon might use, would fall under its larger financial services plan. The firm’s financial service strategy is certainly focused on developing tools that drive greater consumer adoption and spending, or attracting more sellers to generate more revenue or reduce friction between buyers and seller for Amazon.

Other blockchain positions that Amazon has advertised includes blockchain development, digital identification, and distributed finance. Transactions using smart contracts or blockchain are commonly referred to as distributed finance, and it can also entail the use of digital currencies like crypto or stablecoins.

Richard Crone, a payments expert, said that the blockchain, crypto, and stablecoins can carry extra valued-added payloads which is not available on the controlled, batch-based payment rails that still mimic ISO standards created half a century ago. Another significant possibility is to use the blockchain to carry extra data, adjudicate stock-keeping-unit billing, and reconcile invoices before they are paid in business-to-business applications.

Crone explained that same SKU-level integration by cryptocurrencies may operate as a platform for activating and redeeming offers with net settlement, without friendly fraud, for promotional offers in business-to-consumer payments.

In conclusion

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in nutshell are a groundbreaking innovation. As the time flies by, more and more businesses and industries are gravitating towards the use and benefits of these technologies. The big cooperations are twanging with the idea of incorporating blockchain and crypto to maximize their profits and also the improvement of the security of their organization.

Whatever the Amazon’s intentions, behind the search for the blockchain and crypto expert is, remains to be seen. One thing for certain is that it adds more fuel to the rumor where a company might potentially make a move toward the possible use of cryptocurrencies.

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