BCL updated their app with BCL settlement program on their latest version 1.5.0

The BCL settlement program is now complete and has been updated by the BCL core team. The following are updates and development progress provided by the BCL core team:

Note: It takes Google and Apple 3-5 days to verify an app update.

Updated contents on the BCL update latest version 1.5.0 

1. Addition of BCL Settlement program

2. Added icon name

3. KYC Icon connected directly when touch KYC icon

Red – KYC failed icon 

Free Google form connection for document or picture re-authentication

Yellow – KYC ok, not paid due to refund KYC

The KYC certification process is completed, and the settlement application is handled in the proper sequence. Unpaid subscribers are urged to move forward by December 30 in order to avoid uncertainty over the KYC order. Priority will be given to the KYC DB that has already been confirmed when making a payment. The KYC will be reset on January 1st of the following year, and you will need to wait till you reapply.

KYC Padlock Shaped Bugs

Payment is made, however the KYC procedure fails and the image of a padlock displays. Passbase has not made a decision about the phenomenon that appears at random. The BCL Foundation intends to carry out manual verification beginning next week in an effort to lessen user discomfort (to be announced on the top banner).

Development progress on BCL

Game money exchange site

Coding for the game is now underway after completion of planning. In order to handle it, they intend to develop a gaming login system and incorporate it with BCL email. The second game is also finished, and it will be made available alongside an event when the exchange site debuts in January.

Korea BCL Community Shopping Mall

The mall has been constructed, and entering firm registration is ongoing. It shall take effect in January. 

What is Bitcoin Legend (BCL)?

Based on ERC-20, Bitcoin Legend (BCL) is a cryptocurrency asset. To cut back on gas costs, BCL was later switched from ERC20 to BEP20.

Bitcoin Legend seeks to develop into a platform that creates a decentralized application ecosystem utilizing blockchain technology, digital money, and metaverse systems. As an ERC-20-based cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Legend has a future metaverse game using hero NFT cards that are inspired by the Marvel Avengers.

In Bitcoin Legend, there is a 3 Earn technique that offers users three opportunities to earn extra tokens. 

The first is Mine to Earn, which solves Bitcoin mining’s issues by enabling mining on mobile devices. When the mined BCL is listed on significant cryptocurrency exchanges, it functions as both an investment and a digital asset.

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The second one is called Make to Earn, where users may create their own NFT objects and avatars before purchasing and reselling them for a profit. The webtoon Bitcoin Legend leverages AI technology to create characters that resemble the actual users. Additionally, users can create accessories, clothing, and other game stuff. Webtoon and Song (Webtoon+Rapper’s Rap+NFT animation) create Hero History. In just 10 days after being posted to YouTube, it received 300,000 views.

The third option is Play to Earn, where the Bitcoin Legend network will deploy economic activities on the metaverse using virtual real estate and previously created NFT avatar cards. Users can play games or invest in virtual property on the metaverse and profit from these actions.

You can follow Bitcoin Legend on Twitter to get their latest updates.

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