Bee Network added new features on their latest version 1.9.0 update

Bee Network is always trying to make their platform better and constantly adding new features to their platform. Their most recent, version 1.9.0 update to their network, has been made available thanks to the work of the Bee Network’s Core Team. In essence, Bee Network has incorporated a few new features on their latest update.

New features on Bee Network’s latest version 1.9.0 update

  1. Provision for account import using a private phrase in the Bee wallet.
  2. Using Bee wallet, one can access details about NFT items and can be sent to other people seamlessly.
  3. With Bee wallet, you may connect to multiple DAPPs and modify the connection state whenever you want.
  4. The Bee wallet’s performance has been improved.

What is Bee Network?

What is Bee Network?

Bee Network is a new blockchain network which focus mainly on blockchain games. An innovative blockchain technology called Bee Network offers customers a gamified experience to earn Bee.

It is the biggest blockchain-based Web3 interactive platform in the world and aims to make it easier for users to earn Bees in a variety of game environments on the platform.

The goal of Bee Network is to create an open internet platform and a Dapp (Decentralized Application) ecosystem using blockchain technology. In order to transform each user’s function as the platform’s consumer, contributor, and value owner at the same time, they intend to gradually integrate mobile games, social networks, e-commerce, and lifestyle services.

The Bee Network is uniquely created as a network of real people that encourages users to exchange goods, services, & skills in the real world using their Bee balance before listing Bee on the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges for trading Bee with regular currencies.

What makes Bee Network different?

The core activities of Bee Network, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), are programmed and agreed to by algorithm, with no human interference. Some of the key features of Bee Network that makes it different from the rest are as follows:

Understanding that there are people and systems within the organization

Despite having a great deal of independence, people and modules remain in constant contact with one another. Independent indicates that each module has its own set of responsibilities, and close contact means that linked parties have an easy way to communicate.

Strong ability to accommodate inside each module

Each module can stay in balance by making accommodations in the absence of a centralized body.

Cohesive goal and distinctive skill of people and modules

Each person and module must strive toward the same goal in order to satisfy the aforementioned qualities, and each would make a unique contribution in doing so. For instance, some modules individually extract honey, while others independently serve as pathfinders.

Emanation of the Hive Mentality

The project is called Bee Network because the goal is for the network to function like a hive and grow and prosper as a result of each person’s spontaneous contributions working together.

A hive’s organizational structure consists of a queen bee and numerous worker bees. Bees use dance as a kind of communication to share information, like where to extract honey. When a bee signals that the hive is being attacked and when the signal is received, the other bees will all join the battle.

The hive becomes a comprehensive organization thanks to the bees’ cooperation. Each person’s spontaneous contribution is essential to the bee colony’s survival. Even if each person’s power is quite modest, the combination of these combined powers might be extremely potent.

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