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Flipkart’s Big Billion Sales

Flipkart’s Big Billion Sales

10 million shipments within the first 5 days on Flipkart’s Big Billion-Day sales

The Indian online shopping giant Flipkart said on last Wednesday that it delivered around 10 million shipments within the first 5 days on its Big Billion-Day sales which is a huge growth as compared to their last sales when only 1 million deliveries were made by the company.

Flipkart, the Indian based ecommerce firm, witnessed over 110 orders placement in every second past. And the most items people placed orders for were mobile devices, fashion clothes, electronics, books and home furnishing products. More than 600 million visits were recorded during the time of Big Billion Days sale.

According to the company, in total of 10 million supplies 3.5 million deliveries were done via Kirana store partners within the first five days of sale. The vice president –customer growth, Flipkart Nandita Sinha said that the boost in demand and revival of consumption is estimated to remain even after the end of the sale period. This year the company saw a boom of retailer by 1.5 times more than compared to the last year & more than 35% witnessed 3 times more sales.

In the mobile devices’ category, Flipkart recorded 2 times growth in customers. And In the premium smartphone sector, the company saw 3.2 times growth than that of previous year. The premium phone companies like Apple, Samsung and Google really driven the customer volume this year as stated by Flipkart.

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