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In Venezuela, travelers will be able to buy flight tickets using cryptocurrency

In Venezuela, travelers will be able to buy flight tickets using cryptocurrency

In the near future, travelers will be able to purchase airline tickets in Venezuela using bitcoins.

According to the director of Maiqueta International Airport, Freddy Borges, the institution would be trying to incorporate cryptos such as Bitcoin, Dash and the national Petro into the airport’s payment system.

In Venezuela, an airport will accept cryptocurrency as payment

in venezuela travelers will be able to buy flight tickets using cryptocurrency

Venezuela may be on the verge of adopting cryptocurrencies as a means of paying for airline tickets.

According to statements made by the Maiqueta International Airport’s director, Freddy Borges, the institution is attempting to adapt its payment system to accept several cryptocurrencies as payment for aircraft tickets and other services provided at the airport.

The officer cited bitcoin, dash, and the national petro as some cryptocurrencies that would be supported. Borges emphasized the need of developing these payment methods in order to enable future purchases by visitors who may visit the country. He stated that the airport must make progress in implementing these new capabilities that travelers may use.

Sunacrip, the national cryptocurrency watchdog, will control the use of these cryptocurrencies as payment methods. The Maiquetia International Airport is one of the country’s busiest civil airports, with passengers flying in from 17 different countries.

Cryptocurrencies have been discussed as a possible payment mechanism for flight tickets in Venezuela before. Conviasa, a national airline, said in 2019 that it would begin selling tickets in Petros. Joselit Ramirez, the national cryptocurrency superintendent at the time, indicated that these actions will be confirmed in under two minutes.

Then, in August of last year, Turpial Airlines, a national airline, announced that it would take bitcoin as payment for tickets. The modest airline, which has three Boeing jets, was one of the first private airlines to announce cryptocurrency payment acceptance.

This news appears to be the outcome of President Nicolas Maduro’s declaration in January that this year would be the year of “revival” for all cryptocurrency systems. Inflation and depreciation, on the other hand, have continued this year. The Venezuelan government redenominated the fiat currency on October 1, removing six zeros from its value to make payments easier.

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