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LG is preparing to supply the display for Apple

LG is preparing to supply the display for Apple

The technology giant LG is arranging mini LED backlight LCD’s to supply to Apple. This new display uses a tiny LED as the backlight and also results into improved performance in contrast ratio & brightness.

As per the report, Apple is trying to use mini LED LCD’s starting with iPads from earlier in the next coming year and their other devices like MacBook & iMac are also expected to have a change in its display.

LG & Apple collaboration

According to the reports, LG Display is planning to supply its latest mini LEDs that will be used on Apple’s new iPads, which is likely to be released in the beginning of the next year.

The rumors suggest that the supply chain for display is also decided. The supply chain Epistar based in Taiwan will supply mini LEDs, meanwhile TSMT also based in Taiwan will be in charge of mounting of displays.

It is very likely that the LG Display started its mass production from the end of this year. As per the report, Apple will release its new iPads during the first quarter of the next coming year.

This latest Mini LED is a LED that is smaller than regular LEDs that are presently used for TVs, lighting and cars. The fact that it is 50% smaller than normal ones because of this radical size difference, more and more mini LEDs can be used for single display than regular LEDs. As a result, this new LEDs will aid to improve brightness & contrast.

These LEDs are also able to display clearer black color through “local dimming” technology, which partly controls LEDs. The representative from the Display Company said that these mini LEDs backlight LCD is able to provide a screen that is closest to the reality as it drastically improves contrast ratio.

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