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The Great BCL Burn: ERC20/BEP20 Goes Up in Flames

The Great BCL Burn: ERC20/BEP20 Goes Up in Flames

The Bitcoin Legend (BCL) appreciate their users’ participation in the KYC process and are pleased to see active interest from users.

As previously announced, all ERC20-based BCL was burned before the withdrawal process, and after the migration, 792,805 BCL that was deposited as proceeds from the first NFT sale was also burned.

If the users still have ERC20-based BCL, they will not be able to use their old wallet. To continue using BCL, please migrate through the homepage of Bitcoin Legend app. See the details below for more information.

Total ERC20 BCL Burnout: All Tokens Go Up in Flames

The total supply of BCL21,000,000,000
An intermediate burning of the remaining supply(4,999,000,000)
The final burning of the remaining supply(15,998,327,999)
circulation supply burning(1,000,000)
The final circulation supply of BCL, after being migrated to BEP20(1,672,001)

** Link to burned ERC20 BCL 

The End of Some BEP20 BCL: A Partial Token Burn

Total supply16,000,000,000
Burning of deposit BCL after 1st NFT sale(792,805)
Remained supply15,999,207,195

** Link to burned BEP20 BCL

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