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Launch of UpBots version 2 for crypto trading

Launch of UpBots version 2 for crypto trading

Launch of UpBots version 2 for crypto trading
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UpBots recently released Version 2.0 of its cryptocurrency trading platform. To mark the debut of its version 2 trading platform interfaces, UpBots is giving away 50,000 UBXT and a special one-of-a-kind NFT.

In a lightning fast, noncustodial, safe, and user-friendly environment for retail investors, users can use free accounts to trade manually or with trading bots.

UpBots, an FTX-backed initiative, will release Version 2 of their commercial platform to the public in the coming days, as part of a two-week celebration that will include contests, airdrops, and gifts.

It is the first trading platform based on blockchain to offer many advanced trading features like investor’s institutional-grade automated trading bots and social copy trading.

The market responded with more than 10,000 accounts on the beta platform before the launch and just took 90 second to sold its FTX IEO.

UpBots uses the blockchain to build an environment where success is rewarded at every level throughout the platform to all stakeholders, in addition to delivering cutting-edge trading and investment tools.

UpBots “everyone wins or nobody wins”

The attitude of everyone wins or nobody wins, is hard coded into the software of the UpBots platform, rather than being a catchphrase.

The users need to pay UBXT (native token) as a commission to the platform and algorithm developer if they make profit. The users also need to pay to staking pool and the token burn program.

The algorithm developer and UpBots makes no money if the users doesn’t make profit. As a substitute, the user is provided with a virtual credit for the amount of UBXT that they should have paid if the trade had ended in profit.

Therefore, when a trading bot doesn’t make profit, then both UpBots and the developer won’t get performance fees. They miss out not just for that lost trade, but also for the next one that closes in profit, because the virtual credit from the user’s account is used to pay future performance fees.

The firm has created a breakthrough, entirely fair, blockchain-based Performance Fees system in which everyone wins or no one wins.

UpBots’ accounts are absolutely free since the company’s well-established staff of crypto evangelists wants to help with crypto adoption and recognizes that there is still a significant barrier to entry for most people.

User-friendly Interface in UpBots

Trading is difficult; thus, the team’s goal is to combine a user-friendly interface with zero-knowledge tools so that anybody can take their initial steps into cryptocurrency in a more secure manner, with well-managed risk in an atmosphere where everyone is financially motivated to see them succeed.

The firm is holding a giveaway to commemorate this important product launch, with one individual winning 50,000 UBXT and another winning a special NFT.

To enter, you must first create an UpBots account and connect at least one exchange account.

Because UpBots is a noncustodial service, it connects to centralized exchanges using an API, which is highly safe and does not allow users to withdraw their cash.

Users will find a completely new, more beautiful, and lightning-fast interface within the platform, which was built from the ground up by a former PayPal lead designer and incorporates hundreds of community improvement requests.

UpBots allows users to trade manually or algorithmically on Binance, FTX, OKEx, Kucoin, Huobi, and Bitmex, with all other respectable exchanges to be added in the near future.

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