Pi Network project: WorkforcePool

WorkforcePool is the very first freelance marketplace built on Pi Network, the most widely used blockchain ecosystem in the world. Through automated talent and work matching, merit-based progression, and blockchain payments, the WorkforcePool app enables anybody to connect with and employ freelancers located anywhere in the globe.

According to the WorkforcePool development team, they will be enhancing the app’s features after the hackathon to add smart contracts and genuine peer-to-peer payments (dependent upon implementation of these features in the Pi SDK).

The WorkforcePool proposal

WorkforcePool team proposed this app idea by saying that having an app where people can post tasks they need help with in exchange for Pi makes sense because Pi strives to be a truly meritocratic economy.

According to the developers, the simplest version of this app would resemble the talk that they gave at the Pi Convention earlier this year.

It might, however, be extended in a number of the ways that they’ve listed below. Of course, if there are any recommendations or if any of this makes sense to use or incorporate into another project, they are willing to work with other developers to make it happen.

WorkforcePool project requirements 

  1. A list of tasks that require assistance. The user could apply for the project after digging deeper on these items for more information.
  2. A list of willing Pioneers who will take up tasks in exchange for Pi. By clicking on these items in more detail, the user is directed to the Pioneers “page,” which includes information on the person’s qualifications, availability, etc., as well as a contact form.
  3. Search capabilities for both lists.
  4. Messaging capability. A method of integrating the Chat App from Pi Network may also be included.
  5. Workflow for users to create projects.
  6. Process allowing users to construct a page that showcases their abilities and availability for work.
  7. Administration section for seeing ongoing projects, applications, suggestions, communications, making payments, and filing complaints. (The project developer believes that the ability to review and pay swiftly and effectively is important in this case.)
  8. More sophisticated capabilities in the administrative area enable users to organize talks, work together, and carry out more sophisticated tasks that call for Pioneers with a variety of skills.
  9. A means for projects and Pioneers to display ratings, reviews, and user comments on the app. Given that this would be known to the public and potentially harm Pioneers’ reputation, this could be a concern. Might let users create a unique login to the app.

Services and Revenue Sources for WorkforcePool

The developer is suggesting that making job vacancies postings, looking for them, and applying for them all free of charge. Pi might charge for highlighting applications, enhancing listings, or both. For instance, if someone is making a free listing, after the listing is filed, a Pioneer or Pioneers who meet the requirements and contributed a particular amount of Pi may be displayed.

Offering more sophisticated features to individuals or groups of people could generate additional revenue. Including a place to set up “teams,” organize a large marketing or development effort. Statistical data. Tools to motivate prospective or existing team members. Additionally, a private chat room can be made available. Incorporating the Pi Network Chat app, if possible.

The usage of smart contracts to support business ventures by a single Pioneer or a network of Pioneers could result in potential future revenue sources (if deployed).

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Technical Requirements for WorkforcePool

  • Front end JavaScript framework.
  • Back end server, running a web API, written in .Net, Java or some other similar framework. SQL database.

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Pioneers needed for WorkforcePool development 

  • Software developers & engineers will be needed to build both the front and back ends.
  • Managers of business development and marketing are required for promoting the product both inside and outside the Pi ecosystem.
  • Business operations managers to build & implement processes.

You can follow WorkforcePool on Twitter for their latest updates.

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