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Pi Network hackathons are back for 2023

Pi Network hackathons are back for 2023

Pi Network hackathon is back again with their hackathons for 2023. They are hosting hackathons for Pi community developers beginning from January 9, 2023.

Pi Network is urging all their Pioneers to share their new and innovative Pi app ideas. Pioneers will also get to vote on other Pioneers ideas. Press the “Topics” on your Pi app home screen, where you can also propose new ideas to develop on Pi Network ecosystem and can vote on other people’s ideas.

Pi Network hackathons are back for 2023
Pi Network hackathons are back for 2023

What is Pi Network hackathon?

Pi Network hackathon is an event in which a large number of Pioneers meet to engage in collaborative computer programming and trying to develop new & innovative ideas as an application for the overall development of Pi ecosystem.

Pi Network started organizing their Pi Network hackathons from last year,2021 with the celebration of their Pi2day. They launched the Pi Hackathon on June 28th in honor of Pi2Day 2021.  

Pi Network

Pi is the first cryptocurrency designed for regular people, marking a significant advancement in the global use of cryptocurrencies. The goal of Pi Network is to provide a platform for cryptocurrencies and smart contracts that are secured and run by regular people. Their mission is to create the most inclusive peer-to-peer marketplace powered by Pi, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

Pi Network is a first of its kind blockchain, where they allow their users (Pioneers) to mine Pi (Pi Network’s native token) through their smartphone. Because of easy accessibility (through smartphone), Pi Network’s popularity has grown exponentially over the years and has millions of followers worldwide.

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