Pi Network Project: PI CHAIN

The PI CHAIN project only concentrates on the Pi Network, and all of their activities are designed to encourage the expansion and adoption of Pi. Through Pi Chain, miners in the world have the ability to open a free virtual shop and submit details about purchases of goods or services.

According to the Pi chain developers, your simple smartphone can be used for all transactional activities, including the release of product information, the delivery of products, and the purchase of products. Pi can be obtained in more ways than just through mining and operating nodes. You now have a further option of operating a business at Pi Chain Mall to earn Pi.

PI CHAIN Project Description 

Pi Chain developers have been trading internationally for almost ten years. They said that they are completely aware of the shortcomings and numerous limitations of the conventional business approach. After learning about the goals and vision of the Pi Network, their entrepreneurial ideas have become more enlightened. 

Pi Network is the exclusive focus of the PI CHAIN project. Every action it takes is aimed at promoting the expansion and acceptance of Pi. They are convinced that Pi Network will eventually become the most popular and worldwide cryptocurrency. Pi Network is certain to succeed in the near future.

The range of PI Chain’s business activities includes the development of blockchain technology, international e-commerce, software development, culture media, education, and training, among other things. 

Currently, Pi Chain team have finished developing PI CHAIN MALL’s initial functionality (Pi Chain International Mall). Additionally, the remaining development work is still ongoing. Finally, their team appreciate the platform provided by the core team and Pi network brainstorm for showcasing their project to all the pioneers.

Team behind PI CHAIN

Operation team of PI CHAIN

According to them, Several previous founders of e-commerce businesses and managers of publicly traded companies exist within the Pi Chain operation team. They have extensive project operation management experience.

Marketing & publicity team of Pi Chain

For the spread of the Pi Chain project, they claim that they have a number of experienced marketing operation officers as well as new media operation specialists with access to a treasure of online celebrity industry resources.

IT team of PI CHAIN

Pi Chain development team claims that they have many software development engineers, extremely skilled developers with more than 10 years of experience, and graduate students specializing in computer science from numerous renowned international universities, including New York University, Brown University, & UMS, among others. A group that combines passion, innovation, and experience.

PI CHAIN PROJECT: PI CHAIN MALL (Pi Chain International Mall)

Pi Chain Mall is a reputable international e-commerce platform built on the Pi Network. One of our team members has spent a lot of time developing technologies for product traceability. 

When the Pi mainnet went live, they used the product traceability technology in the mall. Currently, Pi Chain Mall enables Pi test coin payments through the Pi wallet; after the API is connected, they claim that it will also support Pi payments. Additionally, the app supports numerous languages and the establishment of international businesses.

Up to this point, they have built over 660 subcategories under their 30 main categories of commodities, and all of these categories have been partnered with relevant manufacturers to form cooperative relationships. Additionally, we have finished the beginning stages of collaboration agreements for furniture, bathroom tiles, and charging piles, all of which have export standards for international trade. They want to create a global supplier library. This product collection was created for two services: retail and wholesale sales. 

After the traders have settled in, they can choose to either use the free sources we have made available for retail or use their own sources. For example, beginner traders can build their own virtual store in the mall as a side business without having to worry about supply issues like product quality, price advantage, etc.

Additionally, traders have the option of working with their e-commerce platform, utilizing their international supply networks, or utilizing independent sources for large-scale sales. 

Up until July 1st, 2021, they claim that they already had more than 30 traditional overseas trade agents from various nations who are ready to accept and utilize Pi as payment after Pi mainnet. More than 600 vendors have submitted applications, and they are just waiting for their e-commerce platform to connect to the Pi wallet and use its API. 

PI CHAIN PROJECT: PI CHAIN MALL (Pi Chain International Mall)

You can subscribe to their official YouTube channel here.

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4 segments in the current PI CHAIN MALL

Pi Chain seeks to provide a platform for free commerce, expert cross-border e-commerce, charitable contributions, NFT, personal space, and pi live broadcast rewards.

The first segment

It functions as a secondhand internet selling platform where anyone can post listings for free. Users can opt to have their listings appear only in a certain nation or in every country.

The second segment

Comprehensive cross-border e-commerce platform for authorized global sellers and partnerships.

The third segment

The section on charitable contributions, in collaboration with numerous nonprofits and charitable organizations, They claim they can establish charitable branches all over the world. Everyone can contribute by donating used books or clothing. A particular city would be included on the headings in the event of a natural disaster there, so that everyone might lend a helping hand.

The fourth segment

A section about personal space where it supports NFT, earning pi from charitable work, and receiving pi from live broadcast prizes. This increases the distribution of pi and makes it possible for more people to join us. It might also be a website where users post updates about their daily lives. To assist traders in opening their online store, we have already established a business school.

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PI CHAIN PROJECT: Pi live broadcast

Pi Chain have a large number of experienced new media operators, as noted previously, as well as vast celebrity industry resources. The top internet celebrity industry company was founded by their new media operation specialist six years ago, and their broadcast platform today has more than 1.2 million admirers, which also contributes significantly to the flow of funding for their Pi live broadcast project.

Users will be able to use Pi to tip their favorite celebrities in the Pi live broadcast room once they develop the app. They hope that Pi live broadcast app can execute on the server where the Pi node rents resources. 

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PI CHAIN Vision, Purpose, Philosophy & Goal

Pi Chain team believes that in order to build a world-class intelligent industrial cluster, establish a cross-chain financial infrastructure & unleash the Internet of value, we must realize digital value, innovate new ideas and create a smart future. 

Their purpose is to pursue excellence and serve the public. Practicality, refinement, and conscience are their philosophy. And their objective is to let every Pioneer in the world enjoy and like their products and services.

Finally, if you like their project, you can vote them through Pi Network app (Brainstorm) on your phone.

You can join their chat group on Telegram by following this link.

Pi Chain Contact details

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