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Pi Network Project: World of Pi Championships

Pi Network Project: World of Pi Championships

WORLD OF PI is a gaming platform built on Pi Network which allows users to play intriguing game for pleasure as well as opportunity to win lots of Pi coins. The app provides a platform for gaming competitions where Pioneers can take part and test their gaming prowess.

According to their developers, complete development and testing have gone into the World of Pi. You can get it now because it has already been completed.

Goal of World of Pi

By playing the game and sharing leveling-up strategies, the goal is to enhance everyone’s sense of belonging in the Pi Community. Additionally, to entice more fresh Pioneers to join the large Pi family in the Pi Network.

The integration of World of Pi with Pi Network ecosystem

The application includes a fully functional game competition mechanism that incorporates Pi. The game’s path is displayed on the world map. The level numbers are displayed along the game’s path. Locked levels are displayed as map locators. Levels that have been completed are shown as Pi logos with a few stars. The goal of the game is to unlock every stage while transforming the map locators into Pi logos.

Every Pioneer who wants to take part is permitted to explore the game by playing the first six levels for free. After that, in order to continue competing, the player must transfer 0.1 Pi as entry fee. The admission payments that are collected are not kept by the app. The prize, which will be split among the top 10 scorers, will be formed by 90% of the entrance fees. 10% of the entrance fees will be given to a charity that the Core Team selects.

Periodically, new gaming competitions will be released in the app. The games are enjoyable, thrilling, and fun. Through competition, pioneers will play and enjoy the games for hours and share strategies for overcoming some of the most difficult game levels in the Pi App Chat and on official social media, which will enhance their sense of fellowship within the Pi Community.

As the enthusiasm grows, more new Pioneers will probably want to join our large Pi family. During Pi Days, the app can also be used to organize gaming tournaments.

Features of World of Pi Championships

Since the game involves actual competition, it cannot be used as a front to buy or sell Pi.

The competitive system for the game incorporates Pi SDK entirely.

Any time during the game, players can browse the Real Time Leaderboard to see the current global ranking. Globally, the leaderboard is updated in real-time. At the beginning of each game competition session, the leaderboard is reset. Prior to the game’s launch, the duration of the period can be set.

The player with the greatest ranking will be the one who has advanced to the highest level globally. If more than one player has successfully completed a level, their rankings will be determined by their combined scores.

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The game keeps track of a player’s progress in terms of completed levels, level scores, current level, and overall score. The player can stop playing the game and resume playing the current level (the level which had been played but not yet completed).

The backend of the game is on a cloud CDN, making it easily expandable to millions of potential players.

Current status of World of Pi

Numerous pioneers have thoroughly tested every game mechanic, integration of Pi, and several game levels with excellent results. Completely finished, examined, useable, reachable & ready to launch.

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Developer’s requirement to work in the World of Pi Championships project 

If you are a developer and interested in the World of Pi Championships project, then you will need to have some of the required skills to work on the project. The team wants well knowledgeable developers who can work with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, jQuery if you want to be the part of the World of Pi project.  

Finally, if you like this Pi Network project, then you can vote them through your smartphone on the Pi Network app (Brainstorm). 

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