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Pi Hackathon Agenda update #BuildPi2gether

Pi Hackathon Agenda update #BuildPi2gether

The ongoing Pi Hackathon, of Pi Network, today announced the Updated Agendas regarding the Hackathon.

Pi Hackathon Agenda update #BuildPi2gether

The Pi Hackathon‘s Core Team has updated some dates and events on the agenda. According to the announcement, this revised strategy gives developers more time to work on their apps while also providing more events and tools to help them build their teams and develop their apps. 

The most noticeable update is regarding the extended period of Pi Hackathon. Previously, the Pi Hackathon was supposed to last till 10th of August is now been extended till 30th September 2021.

Here are the list of Extended dates and the events that are announced today for Pi Hackathon:

August 15 – The extended deadline date for Midpoint progress report submission
September 5 – Ending of Hackathon building & submission of final report
September 13-17 – Community rating
September 30 – Announcement of winners

Along with the extension of Dates, Pi Network also introduced new events and resources. The following are the details on the new events and resources updated by the Core Team today:

  • Through Zoom, the Pi Core Team is announcing Hackathon networking events. Last week, on July 22nd, one of these occurrences occurred. Future networking activities can be found on the updated Pi Hackathon agenda. According to the announcement, these gatherings will aid in the collaboration of technical developers and project teams. Developers can browse for and apply for projects on the Brainstorm app after discovering one that interests them.
  • Technical office hours: It is the new resource provided by the Pi Network where members of the Core Team will offer office hours to answer technical questions regarding building Pi apps, such as how to use the Pi SDK, Sandbox, Developer Portal, Pi App Engine, Brainstorm app, and so on. For office hours, please see the amended Pi Hackathon Agenda.
  • By August 15, Pi hackathon teams must submit just one sort of halfway check in, i.e., a video submission or a Zoom presentation. Videos can be uploaded by the developers using the provided link by the Pi Network or through video-update on the Pi Ecosystem Developer Discord server. Furthermore, teams will also have the option of submitting their halfway progress reports via a live Zoom presentation, which are detailed below.
  • A live-recorded Zoom 2-minute presentation with a Core Team member will serve as the Zoom halfway progress report. The Pi Core Team will keep track of presentation times and use Zoom to capture the developer’s presentation. Great projects will have their project presentations featured on social media as well as the Pi app’s home screen, according to the Pi Network announcement. On the Pi Ecosystem Developer Discord server, the signup sheet will be shared.

In 2-3 minutes, one individual from each team will present their progress. For instance:

  • (1 min) Idea pitch — what issue/need is the app addressing?
  • (1 min) App demo if there is a functioning app
  • (10 sec) Current team size
  • (20 sec) Type of team members needed
  • (30 sec) Other needs they have

Steps to participate in the Pi Hackathon in a nutshell:

The following are the procedures that teams must do in order to participate in the Pi Hackathon. To make your initiative a success, you can also attend events or use the resources listed above.

  1. Participate in a Pi hackathon with the Brainstorm app.
  2. Take the developer quiz inside the Brainstorm app to become a verified developer if you’re a developer.
  3. Propose your concept or join other projects with a concrete app idea in the Brainstorm app. If you’ve suggested a project, invite other Pi Hackathon participants to join your team by using the “Manage team” button on Brainstorm to examine applicants.
  4. When you’re ready to start building your app, go to develop.pi on the Pi Browser to apply for the Pi Developer Portal and acquire your Pi SDK credentials.
  5. The following link will take you to the Pi SDK and documentation:
  6. Submit your halfway progress report by one of the following methods:
    1. Sending a short video (2-3mins) of your app demo to or filling out the form provided by the Pi Network.
    2. Joining a live Zoom session to update the Core Team on the app’s progression.
  7. Submit your final project and presentation

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