Pi Network has just announced their Pi Hackathon Winners

Pi Network has just announced their Pi Hackathon Winners
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Today, Pi Network announced the Pi Hackathon winners with that the first Pi hackathon has come to an end.

The objective of this Pi Hackathon was to create an environment where efforts can be made to build Pi community and encourage developers to develop real-world usage, Pi apps and ecosystem to leverage Pi Blockchain. Pi Network expressed their deep gratitude to all the participants of this Pi Hackathon for making this project a success.

According to the Pi Network, although the first hackathon has come to an end, this event is just the beginning where emphasize will be more on building the more successful Pi ecosystem. The core team has announced the Pi Hackathon winners of the event, which are as follows:

Pi Hackathon Winners:

  1. Business app: Pi Workforce Pool: It is a marketplace to hire skilled Pioneers or get hired for work
  2. Ecosystem app: PiCare: It’s a bug reporting platform for Pi apps and ecosystem apps
  3. Business app: Pi Chain Mall: E-commerce marketplace for buyers and sellers of various goods and services
  4. Ecosystem app: World of Pi Championships: It’s a social match-three puzzle game to compete for prizes — non-profit for the developer.
  5. Business app: Watugot: It’s a marketplace for local businesses to publish their coupons and discounts

Apart from Pi Hackathon winners, Pi Network has also published some honorable mentions projects.

Honorable Mentions:

Business app: Pi Game Platform: It’s a platform for developers to post and monetize their games

Business app: Pi Barter Mall: It’s an E-commerce Marketplace for buyers and sellers of various physical and virtual goods

Business app: PitoGo Travelers Handy Platform: It’s a travel platform to book arrangements including hotels, flights, and cars.

Business model app: Pi Webinars: It’s a video platform to sell and buy exclusive content

Ecosystem app: Pi Games from Latin America: This app holds various games including chess against an AI chess bot. All code is open-source.

The following awards will be given to the winners in each category (business and ecosystem):

1st prize = US$20,000 + 20,000 Pi

2nd prize = US$15,000 + 15,000 Pi

3rd prize = US$10,000 + 10,000 Pi

Honorary mention = US$1,000 each + 1,000 Pi

How to claim the prizes for Pi Hackathon winners

All members of the Pi Hackathon winners must pass their KYC compliance standards, such as AML and anti-terrorism regulations, in order to receive funds for their awards. Pi Network will make it possible for each of you to do a free KYC check on their app using a third-party KYC solution. The Pi Hackathon winners should designate one account to collect the award, and they must manage their treasury entirely on their own. The Core Team will provide more details about claiming rewards to the winner teams in the following weeks.

How Pi Hackathon winners are selected

When making their final judgments, the Core Team primarily judged Hackathon participants, while also taking into account hundreds of thousands of community ratings and Moderators’ input. Apps have to 1) meet the fundamental requirements given below and 2) display quality, utility, and promise in order to be considered for Hackathon awards.

Basic requirements:

Pi SDK integration into Pi Browser app

App accessibility without Sandbox active

User authentication within Pi Browser

There will be no requests for additional contact information, such as an email address.

Able to transact Pi instead of non-Pi blockchain assets or fiat currency

In addition, to gauge quality, utility and potential, they also considered a wide set of factors such as the following:

App’s utility in developing the Pi economy

UI/UX design

Execution of core functionality

Commitment to Pi

Potential for Pioneer growth

Potential for Pioneer engagement

Potential for facilitating transactions in Pi cryptocurrency

Unfortunately, a few interesting apps were disqualified since they did not fit the standards in either of the two characteristics mentioned above. Please don’t get discouraged if you didn’t win the Hackathon. In the following months, more chances will become available. To assist developers flourish in the Pi ecosystem, the core team will continue to give support, guidance, and new developer programs.

The Pi Network chose 3 winners and 4 honorable mentions in the Business app category based on the above criteria. Because the Ecosystem app category received fewer submissions, not all the winning seats were filled. All unrewarded cash from this hackathon, particularly in the ecosystem app category, will be used to help app teams participate in future developer programs in the months ahead. The Network wants all current and prospective teams to succeed, and also want to help the participant out as much as they can.

Please note that the winners’ inclusion in the Pi App Directory on the Pi Browser is not guaranteed. Keep in mind that hackathon typically produce prototypes or minimum viable products (MVP), and teams will still need time and effort to enhance and alter their products to meet production-level standards. Pi Network’s selection of listed apps in the Pi App Directory will be handled separately. The Pi core team will continue to advise the Hackathon teams on how to improve and adapt their apps in order to get there.

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