Pi Hackathon Showcase Part 2 #BuildPi2gether

Pi Hackathon Showcase Part 2 #BuildPi2gether
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Today, Pi Network published yet another showcase on their ongoing Pi Hackathon showcase series. Last week they published the first part of the series where they showcased four projects that are currently under development.

They were Pi Workforce a freelancing platform, We Pi a decentralized social media platform, Diners a cultural culinary skill sharing platform and Pi Barter Mall a big marketplace where users can buy goods and services by using Pi as a currency.

Pi Network yet again came up with another showcase named as Pi Hackathon Showcase Part 2. In this second part, they showed four more new projects that are under development. According to them, these video displays their community potential and excitement in building the Pi ecosystem.

Again, these projects that are displayed in this series are not fully developed yet, and their selection in the showcase doesn’t affect the chances of them winning the overall Pi Hackathon Prizes.

The followings are the four projects that were showcased on Pi Hackathon Showcase Part 2

  1. First is Uneat: Uneat is an NFT platform where pioneers can use Pi to buy and sell digital information such as art, music and much more.
  2. Second is My Pibrary: My Pibrary is an open-source project where Pioneer writers can share their stories with the world and receive Pi as payment for chapters or books.
  3. Third is You Pi: You Pi is a marketplace project that allows private and professional Pioneers to negotiate and exchange Pi for goods and services
  4. Finally, fourth is Sports challenges: It is a platform where Pioneers can sign up for physical challenges with Pi and can receive Pi as a reward if challenges were completed.

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Watch the video published by Pi Network as Pi Hackathon Showcase Part 2 here:

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