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Pi Hackathon Showcase #BuildPi2gether

Pi Hackathon Showcase #BuildPi2gether

Pi Hackathon Showcase #BuildPi2gether

Yesterday on 27th August 2021, Pi Network published its first midpoint Pi hackathon showcase on their Pi app through YouTube. Pi Hackathon showcase is divided into several parts and each week the Pi Network will publish a part where they will showcase some selected progress videos of app development.

This showcase is the part of their ongoing Pi Hackathon which began on 28th June 2021 and is expected to last till 30th of September. The main intention behind this hackathon is to provide a platform for the developers so that they can create real world use-case apps under Pi Network.

According to the Pi Network, they’ve received a variety of midpoint progress videos of apps. They are excited to showcase a few that display their community’s potential and the excitement in building the pi network’s ecosystem. However, note that these showcased projects are not fully developed yet, and their selection does not affect their chances of winning the overall Pi Hackathon prizes.

Projects shown on first Pi Hackathon Showcase

On the very First Pi Hackathon showcase, the Pi Network decided to publish four different project videos, and they are as follows;

  1. Pi Workforce: The first video is about the project called Pi workforce. Pi Workforce is a platform designed to connect freelancers with their employers throughout the Pi ecosystem.
  2. We Pi: Second project is called We Pi. This is a project whose plan to create a decentralized social media platform powered by the Pi blockchain.
  3. Diners: Next is called diners. It is a place where pioneers from all around the world can exchange their cultural knowledge and teach their culinary skills with a potential future marketplace.
  4. Pi Barter Mall: And the Final Project on this showcase is Pi Barter mall. It is a big online marketplace where pioneers can buy goods and products with Pi.   

Watch the full video Published by Pi Network on Pi Hackathon Midpoint showcase

Pi Hackathon Showcase Part 1

The Second part of the showcase is schedule for 2nd of September where Pi Network will publish some more new projects development videos and an insight about those particular projects.

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