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Pi Hackathon update | Pi Hackathon App Ideas #BuildPi2gether

Pi Hackathon update | Pi Hackathon App Ideas #BuildPi2gether

Pi hackathon

On August 6th 2021, Pi Network came up with another Pi hackathon update titled as “Pi hackathon app ideas” on their ongoing Pi hackathon.

As mentioned previously, the main goal of the Pi hackathon is to help decentralize Pi’s ecosystem on the Pi Platform by harnessing the strength of their worldwide community to attain the scale and scope of traditional marketplaces, where real values and utilities are created.  

The announcement of Pi hackathon app ideas begins by stating that the Pi Hackathon is an opportunity for the Pi community to create real-world services and infrastructures by developing applications on the Pi apps platform. This particular Pi hackathon app ideas announcement is regarding the Core Team’s evaluation criteria and app ideas that they’d want to see implemented.

The Pi Core Team (CT) will search for polished projects that meet the following criteria while considering community applications:

  • Current usability and accessibility
  • Workable and useful utilities
  • No detrimental bugs
  • Refined user flow and experience
  • Increase in Pioneers’ engagement
  • User growth for the app itself and the Pi Platform through organic growth mechanisms
  • Community ratings
  • Transaction ability through proper integration of Test-Pi

Furthermore, in this Pi hackathon update, the Core Team has compiled a list of the types of applications that they would want to see developed. Their list is divided into two categories:

(1) high-priority apps backed by the Core Team, and

(2) other community-focused apps.

Pi Hackathon App Ideas : High Priority Apps

Know Your Client (KYC) app – One of the major Pi hackathon app ideas, are to create KYC application for the Pi Network. A country-specific open-source identity management project.

App for a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) – A governance initiative in which community opinions and decisions are surfaced and made via a Network voting method. Candidates for committee leadership roles in the community should be able to submit their biographies, resumes, and application materials online. Through proposal submissions, sponsors, representation, and evaluation, this decentralized election organization will enable Pioneers to offer ideas and improvements for the Network as a whole.

Wiki app – A user-facing database where Pi Moderators can submit and edit material like text, image, and video to help the community learn more about Pi & Pi Network. For example, how to use the app or solve problems.

Bug Tracker app – Another Pi hackathon app ideas could be the bug tracker apps. The Bug Tracker app is a project that allows Pioneers to report bugs or network difficulties. Others should be able to submit their own experiences with the same problem, and Core Team members should be able to gather more information and report that the bug has been fixed.

Ad Network apps – An ad marketplace where the Pi community may buy advertising that will appear throughout the Pi Browser by paying with Pi.


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Pi Hackathon App Ideas : Community-focused Apps

Loyalty program app Local store owners can utilize a loyalty program software to digitize their loyalty programs if they still use paper cards. When was the last time you went to a boba tea shop and had to have a tangible card stamped for you? Imagine if this retailer could display you a QR code and then do the same thing in a fraction of a second using the Pi Browser. Store owners may improve their Pi earning teams as well as build sophisticated loyalty programs.

News app Pioneers can use Pi to post, comment, up vote, and reward the users on the News app, which is a crowdsourced news-posting platform.

Image/art/NFT app A community-driven art/image sharing platform for user-generated content. This may include a sort of NFT marketplace/gallery where Pi users can find and buy NFTs.

Game apps – Pioneers can play games with each other or against a global leaderboard using game apps. Sharing API features will be crucial in improving the game’s interaction structure. Push alerts, leaderboards, competitions, and other social integration features should be prioritized.

Quiz apps – Quiz apps provide a place for Pioneers to create and participate in interesting quizzes.

Survey app – A platform for market researchers and academics to post surveys for Pioneers to complete in exchange for Pi.

Apps for the marketplace – A platform where Pi users can purchase and sell goods and services.

Social apps – A platform for Pioneers to engage with one another, such as to talk, date, meet up, share profiles, and so on.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) app – A transaction platform that allows Pioneers to make decentralized loans and tokenize real-world assets (such as real estate, gold, and stocks) in order to offer liquidity for Pi assets.

You can read more about Pi hackathon app ideas on their official blog. We also recommend you to go thorough their official website.

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