Pi Hackathon Midpoint Guidance

Pi Hackathon Midpoint Guidance

Recently, Pi Network has published their important Pi Hackathon midpoint guidance to help the members of the Pioneers’ community who wish to build apps on Pi blockchain.

Last week, Pi Network showcased some projects under development on their ongoing hackathon. Pi Workforce, We Pi, Diners and Pi Barter Mall were the projects highlighted on that showcase. Leading to the development, Pi Network released this guidance to help the developers create more real, usable apps.

The Pi Hackathon’s overall purpose is to encourage developer to develop Pi apps and ecosystems that will validate Pi Blockchain use cases.

Pi Network want to:

  1. Provide the platform for the community developers to develop Pi applications without having to build the whole system or infrastructure from the ground. For example, Pi wallet and authentication.
  2. Simultaneously, ensuring that the Pioneers who use Pi applications will have an efficient, even experience in their Pi browser.

Any app that integrates Pi into their application mechanism, like having part of their app logic interact with the Pi blockchain (currently Pi Testnet), such as payments are referred to as “Pi apps”. The app developed must implement Pi integration by utilizing Pi Network’s SDK including user authentication and Pi payment in order to qualify for participating in Pi Hackathon.

Pi Hackathon Midpoint Guidance recommended by Pi Network

Precisely, the Pi Network requires the developer to:

  • Develop a web application with the Pi SDK (Software Development Kit) integration so that it can be accessed through Pi browser.
  • Utilize their Pi.authenticate() system of the SDK for the verification of the users instead of asking for separate login. This will allow the developer to take advantage of huge Pi community user base and their KYC implementation in the future.
  • Utilize their Pi.createPayment() system of the SDK to access the Pi wallet of the Pi browser rather than creating an external wallet.

Pi apps that use Pi Network SDK will work by default on the public Pi Blockchain once Mainnet is launched, giving developers access to:

  • The capacity to reach out Pi Network’s over 20 million active crypto-ready user base
  • Already available Pi infrastructure like Pi wallet and user verification
  • Many other features that Core Team will eventually make available
  • Hosting the developed apps on their Pi server
  • At the discretion of the Pi core team the apps developed will be hosted on the Pi server through Pi app engine
  • A reliable user experience on the Pi Browser

5th of September is the final date for submission of Pi apps.  

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