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Pi Network: Name update appeal feature

Pi Network: Name update appeal feature

Today, Pi Network announced their name update appeal feature in their app. Basically, it is an opportunity provided by the Pi Network to make necessary corrections in our name, if we had made any mistakes with our Pi associated account.

Pi Network: Name update appeal feature
Screenshot from Pi app

Pioneers are requested to make necessary corrections in their name and suggested by the Pi Network to make their name similar to the one that appears in their IDs as it will be significant while verifying for KYC later on.

However, the name update appeal feature is just for Pioneers who have spelling errors in their Pi accounts’ names and have missed their 2-week name update window, which is open to all Pioneers following registration. This functionality is not required for Pioneers with valid names in their Pi account, and it can be ignored.

Pi Network acknowledges that genuine Pioneers may have committed errors or missed the 2-week name update deadline when creating their Pi account name. As a result, they’re giving these Pioneers another chance to update their names and explain why they want to modify them. The name update appeal feature, on the other hand, will only accept modifications that usually reflect the same person, such as minor spelling changes, swapping first and last names, adding a middle name, adding a prefix or suffix to the name, or matching it with the name on your identity document. However, the entire name change will be denied if it bears no relation to the current name and implies two completely distinct people.

According to the Pi Network, it is also very important to understand that due to the case-by-case intricacy, name appeals will take time to complete, and they will be processed as part of their overall KYC procedure so, please be patient if you file an appeal to correct your name.

How to use name update appeal feature

  1. In order to use the name update appeal feature, you have to access the Pi sidebar menu. To access the Pi sidebar menu, tap the icon in the upper left corner of the Pi home screen.
Pi Network: Name update appeal feature

2. Once you access the Pi sidebar menu, go to the profile option.

Pi Network: Name update appeal feature

3. Inside your profile, underneath the settings, tap the orange colored “SEE HOW” button

Pi Network: Name update appeal feature

4. In the lower right corner, tap “Appeal Name Change” after reviewing your current inputted name.

Pi Network: Name update appeal feature

5. Continue the in-app steps from there.

Disclaimer: This information does not apply to you if your name information is already correct. Please do not file a formal appeal.  

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