Pi Network: Tech & Product Update, October 2021

Today, Pi Network just published their tech & product update for the month of October 2021.

Pi Network: Tech & Product Update, October 2021
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The published article addresses the curiosity of Pioneers regarding the behind the scene, work done by the Pi Core Team before the launch of actual Mainnet.

According to the article, Pi Network will be publishing monthly tech and product updates at the start of each month, along with a recap of the previous month’s work.

These updates will emphasize on Pi Network technical improvements and focus on their products to show Pi core team’s accomplishments and their efforts in creating these products. But these updates won’t comprehend all the work done by the core team during these time period, as there will be other non-essential tasks which are not necessary to report to Pioneers. For example, minor or routine tech updates, community, operations or general business work.

In October, the Core Team spent a substantial amount of time in the Pi Ecosystem putting out new and upgraded product features, such as their new Pilot KYC Solution and Block Explorer. The following are more in-depth updates provided by the Pi Network;

Pilot KYC Solution

In the month of October, the core team created the Pilot KYC Solution to test and solve the mass KYC solution for the Pioneers. A pilot KYC Solution was created, tested with community moderators, and released on a restricted scale to begin the process of confirming Pioneers and to improve the app’s usability and machine automation.

Pi Block Explorer

Similar to Pilot KYC Solution, the core team also created Pi Block Explorer. The Pi Block Explorer was developed and deployed to allow Pioneers to view transaction history and study transaction data such as sender, receiver, and amount. Visit https://minepi.com/blockexplorer/ to see it in action. By clicking on the blockchain.pi in Pi Browser, you can access the Pi Block Explorer.

Pi browser version 1.4

The Pi core team also worked and deployed the update on Pi browser with Pi browser version 1.4. The Pi browser version 1.4 includes the functionality update for deep link embedding. Pioneers may use pi:// deep links to redirect to Pi Browser without having to manually open Pi Browser.

Pi Platform

The Pi core team also worked on several developments regarding Pi Platform to make it more accessible and hurdles free for Pioneers and developers. They created a demo app for developers to examine the implementation of Pi SDK and API work.  

The core team was also responsible for drafting the payment flow documentation for community-requested functionality. They also designed and architect the platform’s future APIs. The team also designed video playback integration for embedded videos.

Pi Wallet

The Pi core team also worked on creating push alerts to notify Pioneers when they receive a blockchain payout. A bug patch was developed for Android customers who couldn’t see their wallet passphrase.

Brainstorm app

The Pi core team also added a series of updates to their Brainstorm app. Like, they launched a revamped app that displays Hackathon winners and has a better user interface. They also improved the Tag functionality, which allows users to define custom tags for their projects. The app was also updated with the ability for projects to add logos to their brainstorm pages.   

Pi Nodes

The “Nodes Not Syncing” problem has been resolved by the core team.


To boost throughput, the Pi core team also developed and implemented database scaling projects.

Pi Enhancements in General

Apart from all the above-mentioned updates, the Pi core team was also involved in other basic enhancements in the Pi ecosystem.

For example, they created a system for account verification via email. Additional security and tracking features for moderators have been deployed to help with content moderation. And they were also responsible for fixing the removable of members from Earning Team Chats, as a result Chat creators can now remove Pioneers from their Earning Team Chats.

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